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  1. powerpcg5

    850 EVO not seen in BIOS of motherboard

    Hey all, I thought putting an SSD in my Hack will be a simple matter. After waiting for weeks and buying 3 different products to install this SSD on my MacPro case with the drive sled, I finally got it installed and then startup my machine. And... nothing. The new SSD isn't seen by my BIOS, and...
  2. powerpcg5

    SSD Beginner -- 850 EVO, need Trim?

    Hey all, just got my first SSD drive and an OWC MacPro Mount. I tried a search but can't find an exact scenario to my question. I will be using this 500GB drive as the future home for my Windows 10 Parallels VM image. So basically, just using this SSD as a data drive, and not a boot/system...
  3. powerpcg5

    Moving to SSD (2TB to 500GB) How?

    So I have a 2TB mechanical hard drive, about 1.3GB used. I'm thinking of getting a 500GB SSD, and using the 2TB old drive for my /Documents and home folder. Of course, I can't use SuperDuper to restore 2TB to 500GB. So what's my plan of action? Do I have to do a fresh install of OSX from...
  4. powerpcg5

    Can clover boot USB3 hard drives?

    My USB3 hard drives are not being seen by Clover. Want the option to boot a USB3 drive in case of emergency. I've copied the /EFI files to the EFI partition in my USB3 drives but clover still can't see the drives.
  5. powerpcg5

    Anybody using Z-77 keyboard?

    E-element Z-77 mechanical keyboard I found this yesterday, watched some youtube review/demo videos and seems to hit all my needs/wants: + wrist rest + LED backlit + Mechanical + big form factor + nice aluminum construction (should match my MacPro case and Cinema Displays) + white keys (easier...
  6. powerpcg5

    Can't boot with 3 monitors connected... fine with 1 monitor

    Okay, I can't boot with 3 monitors connected (DVI, DP, DP). When it goes to the supposedly login screen, it reboots. I can boot with 1 monitor, and after I reach the OSX desktop, I can connect the other (2) monitors and I'm fine. Graphics card is GTX970 EVGA. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.
  7. powerpcg5

    Logitech wireless mouse & kybd -- instant wake problem

    I've verified that using a Logitech wireless mouse and/or keyboard on my build causes instant wake. (It goes to sleep, and within a second wakes up.) I swapped it for a wired keyboard and mouse and that instant wake problem doesn't happen. Is there another wireless mouse/keyboard solution...
  8. powerpcg5

    Wake-up problems caused by RAM version!

    Just want to share this... Well, I have 16GB on my Hack and sleep/wake is working fine. I decided to upgrade to 32GB, and all of a sudden I'm having wake-up issues.... not successful in waking up, monitor black, and just dead. I have (4) pcs of RAM, bought at 2 separate times as a pair...
  9. powerpcg5

    Now, everything works on a Z87 board :)

    So I'm building a second machine, and planning on handing down my Z68 machine to my wife (whose iMac 27" is now dead, seems like a logic board problem). I have an old Z87 mobo on the shelf, so I just got some used parts on eBay (4790K, GTX970 at a great deal!) and put it all together with some...
  10. powerpcg5

    Sonnet Tango 3.0 PCIe for USB 3.0 and FW800

    Anybody using this in their Hackintosh? Does it work?
  11. powerpcg5

    Dual Monitor weirdness, 6870 AMD

    I'll try to describe this as best as I can. Previously, I have an Apple Cinema 23" plugged into the DVI port of my 6870 card. I also have a Samsung 213T plugged using "passive" DP-DVI adapter. Everything works, dual monitors on during bootup, etc. Then I bought a second Apple Cinema 23". I...
  12. powerpcg5

    [SOLVED] Urgent: How do I stop App store from "Installing" the 10.11.6 upgrade

    I must have clicked the Update All button instead of just updating iTunes. How do I cancel the "Installing" message/procedure in App Store? I've tried deleting the /SoftwareUpdates folder in /library but everytime I start App Store, it goes to trying to install 10.11.6
  13. powerpcg5

    question about monitors and max. resolution

    My old Samsung 213T monitor is broken again. I fixed this last December doing component level repair, but now it's broke again. I think it's time to retire it for good. So I'm thinking of getting a new 2nd monitor. I'm looking at a Dell U2525H monitor, with native resolution of 2560x1440...
  14. powerpcg5

    iTunes? Trailer working, purchased movies stopped playing

    I've never had problems with purchased movies not playing on my Hackintosh (past 5 years now). But last week, I purchased a movie and was surprised I can't play it anymore. Black screen. None of my previous purchased movies are playing also. I tried signing out/signing in, de-authorize and...
  15. powerpcg5

    Hybrid Solid State Drives - Reliable?

    Any issues with reliability with hybrid solid state drives? I've read reviews and some users report failing around 6 months or less. Users of hybrid drives, I'm interested to hear your experience.
  16. powerpcg5

    Does z68x-ud4 support 4TB+ and larger hard drive?

    Hey all, does the Z68x (more specifically -UD4 and related) motherboard support hard drives larger than 4TB+ via SATA? This is an old mobo, circa 2011? and on it's official manual, it says it supports 3TB+ HDD. But back then, there were no 4TB, 6TB drives. So the manual doesn't specifically...
  17. powerpcg5

    smcFanControl shutting down my CPU fan!

    El Capitan. I added another Noctua fan to my case (front fan). hooked it up to a spare header on the mobo. According to Stats, it's MBFan1. But this MBFan1 seems to be running at half the speed 900rpm, vs my other (2) fans running at 1900rpm (average). So I downloaded smcFanControl software...
  18. powerpcg5

    ESATA multiple drives in OSX (via ESATA port multiplier)?

    Anybody here using ESATA connected hard drive enclosures with multiple drives (2-4) with their Gigabyte motherboard? Right now, I just have a single drive connected via ESATA, but am exploring if using 2-4 drives access via a single ESATA works in OSX? I know that my Gigabyte mobo supports...
  19. powerpcg5

    Is this Ok or not? Cloning / Clover / Copying EFI

    For some reason, the Multibeast post install tool doesn't work on my machine. I mean, I can click Build, it seems to run and seems to be copying files, but when I look at the EFI partition, it's empty. On my initial El Capitan install, I tried Boot EFI, Boot-Legacy, Boot-Legacy-Root and nothing...
  20. powerpcg5

    Now that I'm on El Capitan, need to upgrade my Parallels software - Sale price

    My 10.8.4 install was using an old Parallels version and I learned I needed to upgrade my Parallels software if I'll be upgrading my OSX. Checked the Parallels website and they have a 10th anniversary sale going on... Parallels Desktop Pro for Mac for $37.50 going on right now... 4 days left I...