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  1. macs_forever

    First RAID failure/rebuild with cheap drives and RocketRAID 2840A

    I had a RAID failure before but I didn't have the drives labelled so I had to back up everything and rebuild the entire RAID. This is the first recoverable disk failure. It happened because I had to do a hard reboot. RAID Details: RocketRAID 2840A SATA/SAS raid card 12 4 TB Seagate drives...
  2. macs_forever

    Does anyone here use the Quadro K6000?

    Wondering how it performs. Looking for the most powerful Mojave/Win10 compatible cuda card.
  3. macs_forever

    YES! -- Lian Li TU150X M-ITX case with no window

    I was very dissapointed when the first TU150 cases all came with a silly window. Finally a serious portable M-ITX gamer case with a handle on top.
  4. macs_forever

    CyberPower Sine Wave 1500 UPS powers X299 DESIGNARE EX System for 25 minutes

    I got a Sine Wave UPS as an early Christmas gift. Just set it up tonight. It is a CyberPower 1500VA True Sine Wave UPS (max 900 VA output). It has an LCD that provides all the electrical data. To my surprise, My system uses less than 260 watts under normal use. What is in it: Gigabyte...
  5. macs_forever

    [Solved] Nvidia K600 on Mojave -- slow

    I bought the K600 for a hackintosh I am building to give away. He said he didn't need much so I thought that would work. It doesn't come up as a K600 and there appears to be no video acceleration at all. Is this normal? It just comes up as an "Nvidia Chip Model 7 MB" in the About window...
  6. macs_forever

    The state of 2.5 inch SSDs -- Am I the only one that thinks the new TLC drives SUCK?

    Just bought a couple of Mushkin "RAW" drives. Using one to backup a macbook air in a USB3 case. It's down to 5MB per second! Everything is fine until the cache fills up. Once it does, spinning disks are faster on sustained writes. Anyone still selling MLC drives? I used to buy Mushkin...
  7. macs_forever

    << Solved >> Need help getting from point A (running Mojave as-is on Mac Pro) to point B (updated Mac Pro ROM)

    There appear to be only THREE possible video cards that can be used to do the Mojave firmware flash that allows the use of NVME SSDs. Those cards are Radeon HD 7950 for Mac Quadro K5000 for Mac GTX 680 for Mac Does anyone loan (rent) These cards out? Most of us would prefer to use something...
  8. macs_forever

    Anyone using ROM P4.00 with ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming-ITX/ac?

    I am considerin a CPU upgrade on one of the family computers and it requires the P4.00 ROM. I know there have been some issues with Gigabyte ROMs lately. Can anyone provide feedback on the P4.00 ROM? I think the Z390 seems to use the same ROM versions if not the same actual ROM.
  9. macs_forever

    What is the best Nvidia pro-card for Mojave?

    Got a Mac Pro I am giving to an old friend. He's a graphic artist The Mac Pro is maxed out. He will be running Windows 10 on it for some applications What is the best Kepler card that works in Mojave and Windows 10 for pro work? Any challenges/limitations? Do we still have to flash Nvidia...
  10. macs_forever

    First Overclock -- i7-8700k

    First time overclocking after installing a Noctua NH-U12S with an extra fan. I am a little surprised at the Cinebench score as it is higher than I would expect. Also surprised that intel gadget said the CPU temp went up to 88C during the test. All cores were pegged at 4.8Ghz. I didn't find a...
  11. macs_forever

    10TB Exos Drive performance. direct SATA vs CineRAID drive toaster

    Very suprising... Direct performance copying from a RAID 10 on a highpoint card to the Exos. To the CineRAID USB3 to SATA drive toaster -- 38MB/s To the Exos directly connected to internal SATA (AHCI) -- 155MB/s I expected some overhead but this is ridiculous. These are averages copying over...
  12. macs_forever

    2TB Samsung 960 PRO vs 2TB HP EX950

    I paid $1600 for the 960 PRO 2 years ago. They still cost $1200 today. I paid $280 for the HP EX950 last week. The HP is clearly the best value in a desktop drive. The Samsung 960 PRO uses less power and would be better suited for a laptop. The 2TB drive with the lowest power requirements...
  13. macs_forever

    Best 3D printer for mac?

    Anyone have experiences 3D printing with a Mac? Any recommendations for a large 3D printer? I want to be able to model and print my own ITX cases.
  14. macs_forever

    What do you do when you've built a hackintosh sufficiently powerful enough to last the next 10 years?

    My 12 core Mac Pro Classic has lasted 10 years and is still more than sufficient. It will likely be a great computer until it dies and can't be repaired. My best Hackintosh to date is an X299 with the 18 core i9-7980xe. I needed that power in my last job. I don't for-see needed that much...
  15. macs_forever

    Gigabyte Z370XP SLI -- I just put a hackintosh together using this motherboard. Seeking comments from other owners.

    I bought this Motherboard refurbished from NewEgg on July 10th for just under $100. Scavenged the parts out of my ASRock Z370 ITX to test it out. Booted into MacOS the first time I started it with NO BIOS changes. I don't even know what version of BIOS it has yet. Anyone else using this...
  16. macs_forever

    600mbps USB WIFI (AC) dongles based on the RealTek 0xc811 chipset

    I bought 2 different brands of these. Both promised to work with 10.14. Only one had functioning drivers and I will reward them for delivering what they promised. Mojave does warn that these may become incompatible with later versions of the OS (what else is new?). The GOOD dongle to buy is...
  17. macs_forever

    Big Airline compatible ATX cases (24" x 16" x 10" -- 609mm x 406mm x 254mm)

    So far I have found 2: RAIJINTEK THETIS -- 14.2" x 8.3" x 14.4" Riotoro CR1080 -- 15.51" x 9.06" x 14.17" The Thetis is my first choice. Any others out there I should consider? I've already built a Hackintosh in the RAIJINTEK STYX. It was a little tight but worked well. Not considering...
  18. macs_forever

    Adding an SSD to the old GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 motherboard

    Clearly, NVMe is not supported on this motherboard. I seem to remember some saying NVMe still works as a non-boot drive. If so, can I use an SATA SSD for the clover EFI, then boot the OS from an NVMe?
  19. macs_forever

    GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 Upgraded to Mojave

    Upgraded my son's GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 with Mojave while visiting for the 4th. This was my first Hackintosh many years ago. Hardware: Existing GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 motherboard i7-2600k 16GB of RAM 600W Corsair power supply Case Fentiv 802.11 ac card Behringer U-Control UCA222 DAC (sound card) New...
  20. macs_forever

    Anyone try to put a Samsung 960 Pro NVMe Drive in their 2013-2015 MacBook Pro?

    I own a (very expensive) 2TB Samsung 960 Pro M.2 drive. My 2015 15" MacBook Pro has a new 1TB Apple SSD. I'm thinking about putting the 1TB Apple SSD into my 2009/2010 MacPro tower (OWC PCI card) and putting the 2TB 960 Pro into the MacBook Pro using one of those adapters I see on Amazon...