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  1. JCMunsonII

    After 10.15.4 Update and Clover Problems, OpenCore is the Future

    Yeah, I might end up going OpenCore...after I do a bit of learning...
  2. JCMunsonII

    10.15.4 Update - dropped USB ports?

    Greetings! Ran update to 10.15.4 today. Updated Clover to 5109 (Did not select custom). Updated Lilu, WG, and AppleALC. Updated MacOS. Install/update ran with no apparent issues. Booted to login screen - mouse cursor present, but won’t move, and no keyboard either. Mouse present at Clover...
  3. JCMunsonII

    After Catalina upgrade, keybuffer now repeating

    Greetings! If anyone is experiencing their keybuffer repeating randomly after upgrading to Catalina, visit this thread: Getting rid of the Wacom drivers seems to have done the trick for...
  4. JCMunsonII

    Catalina Install fails on Prohibited Symbol

    Greetings! My attempt to install Catalina failed with a prohibited symbol. This is the last bit of text before that graphic is displayed: Any thoughts here? Clover: 5070, kexts up-to-date, and -disablegfxfirmware in clover boot options. Thanks! Jon
  5. JCMunsonII

    Ergonomic Keyboard Recommendation

    Greetings! Anyone here have a recommendation for an ergonomic keyboard (other than Kinesis)? My Logitech K350 died and I need to replace it (seems the K350 isn't made anymore so I'm loathe to get another, and all the current keyboards are normal). Continuous use of the Apple keyboard is going...
  6. JCMunsonII

    10.14.4 Update - which kext is broken?

    Greetings! In the process of updating to 10.14.4 a kext appears to have broken the final boot. Anyone know which one is responsible? Screenshot of verbose output attached. Also, I do have AptioMemoryFix.efi in drivers64efi, so I don’t believe that AptioMemoryFix-64.efi is needed, but I...
  7. JCMunsonII

    [Solved] Both WiFi & Ethernet suddenly stopped working

    Greetings! Both my WiFi and Ethernet just suddenly ceased working this morning. WiFi reports as ON but will not connect to visible networks, and the Ethernet is reporting as unplugged (yet it is plugged in). It did work very briefly, but then ceased connections. I haven't changed anything...
  8. JCMunsonII

    Video Hardware Encoding

    Greetings! I'm trying to get that last piece of the current puzzle solved and seem to have run into a dead end. Attached are files needed to help solve this problem. Problem: Video Hardware Encoding not functional. What I have tried: I have tried Shiki -shikigva values of 28, 32, and 60...
  9. JCMunsonII

    New CUDA update 12/8/2017 387.99

    nVidia released new CUDA drivers today: This fixes the CUDA drivers needing updating in High Sierra 10.13.2 (and whatever else has been patched).
  10. JCMunsonII

    [Solved] System restarts post initial installation

    Greetings! The High Sierra installer did its initial portion and attempted to restart the computer. First, I get a Clover screen with blank disks labeled with “internal hfs”. I have the apfs.efi file in the proper folder. Second, more importantly, the system restarts at the point captured...
  11. JCMunsonII

    [Solved] Error when attempting to update to High Sierra

    Greetings! I am encountering a perpetual reboot before I can even begin to install High Sierra. I updated Lily, Shiki, IntelGraphicsFixUp, and NvidiaGraphicsFixup. I also copied over apfs.efi as per guide. Additionally, I am running the latest version of Clover -r4243. I cannot access any...
  12. JCMunsonII

    Report: Macs Vulnerable to Attack Through Firmware Weaknesses

    Greetings! Interesting article on HS & malware: Enjoy!
  13. JCMunsonII

    18,3 SMBIOS

    Greetings! If there is a better place to discuss this, let me know and I'll re-post there. I'm interested in migrating (eventually, though sooner than later) to the 18,3 SMBIOS as I understand it has Kaby Lake support "defined." Though I haven't a clue as to what is in an SMBIOS (I'd love a...
  14. JCMunsonII

    nVidia Web Driver & Gaming

    Greetings! First, if this isn't the right forum, please move this thread to the correct one. Second, anyone here use their Hack for Mac-based gaming? If so, are you using the 10-series card with the nVidia web drivers? And, if so, are your games working? I'm attempting to get my copy of...
  15. JCMunsonII

    Piker's take on APFS

    Greetings! An interesting read. I look forward to this board's "seasoned vets'" thoughts: Jon
  16. JCMunsonII

    EVGA 980Ti - Limited time sale

    Don't know where to put this, but, EVGA is having a sale on 980Ti cards if anyone wants one...
  17. JCMunsonII

    Proper method to migrate from Intel IGPU to nVidia Pascal

    Greetings! In addition to my post about the kexts, I also want to make sure I have the proper procedure down for the migration. So far, this is what I think might be the right steps: In Clover Configurator, uncheck Graphics->Inject Intel. In Clover Configurator, check System...
  18. JCMunsonII

    Proper kexts for Pascal support, etc.

    Greetings! I'll be installing an nVidia EVGA 1070 FTW2 card in a couple days and want to make sure I have the proper sensor kexts in place so I don't get a lockup (or cause myself an issue). To that end, are the sensor kexts @RehabMan 's modded (I have them as 6.25-332-gf3a8525c.1758) newer...
  19. JCMunsonII

    [SUCCESS] ASUS Z270 ROG Maximus IX Hero - i7-7700K - 32GB RAM - Intel HD 630

    JMunsonII's Build: "Heroica" ASUS Z270 ROG Maximus IX Hero - i7-7700K - Intel HD 630 Contents Components Already Owned Comments Forward The Build Installation of OS Tools Needed Making the UniBeast Installation Key BIOS Setup Installation Notes Fixing On-board Graphics Fixing Hardware Sensors...
  20. JCMunsonII

    El Capitan Upgrade to Sierra

    Greetings! I've done quite a bit of searching through the threads this morning for, and I think it was @tonymacx86 's, El Capitan upgrade to Seirra. But I couldn't locate it. Maybe it's the fact I'm not 28/29 hours of wake time ATM... If someone could point me to that thread, I would...