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  1. JBX

    Big Sur 11.3 Update Broke USB 3

    Update but stuck at iCloud sign in screen due to loss of USB 3.x ports (mouse and keyboard). Forced restarted and still no mouse or keyboard. Checked other ports and found usb 2.0 ports working which were off in my OpenCore port mapping kext. Replaced with USBInjectAll but still same issue only...
  2. JBX

    OpenCore Fails to Boot in 11.0 Recovery

    I have Big Sur PB installed on a spare drive and running OpenCore 0.6.0 (my build EFI from Dortania guide). I need to run the command line in Recovery... but OpenCore fails to boot in 11.0 recovery. It says "unsupported". Has anyone gotten around this? Thanks
  3. JBX

    To Kraken or Not To Kraken?

    So my new build is using the stock intel cooler (i7 10700) for now. I could not decide which cooler to buy when I ordered everything... I do like the look of the NZXT Kraken line. But my price point would be on their lower end. Maybe the X53 ($130). Dose it do a good job or is my money better...
  4. JBX

    Sapphire or MSI RX580?

    I need to be able to have DVI (at least for now). Both cards have the same output 1 DVI, 2 DP. and 2 HDMI. I have read many comments in reviews and forums regarding black screen when booting up... the Apple load screen not showing up. Is this true on hackingosh? and dose this also mean I will...
  5. JBX

    Motherboard Ram Compatibly Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X?

    Looking at the Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X. I downloaded the manual pdf and it dose not list the ram I am looking to purchase. I also downloaded the Memory Support List pdf (qualified vendors). Here is what it says in the manual "Support for DDR4 3200/3000/2933/2666/2400/2133 MHz memory modules"...