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  1. ricky84

    GA-Z97X-UD7 TH el capitan problem

    GA-Z97X-UD7 TH el capitan problem (fixed) i'm trying to install and i've done it but now when i reboot (loop) and still not boot... i've used uefi config any idea?
  2. ricky84

    [Success] Ricky's Haswell build: GA Z97X UD7 TH Rev1.0, i7 4970K, ASUS GTX 760, 16gb RAM @2133 SSD D

    [Success] Ricky's Haswell build: GA Z97X UD7 TH Rev1.0, i7 4790K, ASUS GTX 760, 16gb RAM @2133 SSD Drive 840 PRO, Ricky's Haswell Build: Core i7-4790k - GA-Z97X UD7 TH - 16GB RAM 2133 Mhz - Dual 760 GTX My Configuration Components Gigabyte GA-Z97X UD7 TH Motherboard...
  3. ricky84

    change white to black logo boot: howto?

    hi there i've used clover on a usb stick just to fix imessage for a while (i'm using chimera v4.0) and when i boot my build with clover i saw the black background and not the classic white wallpaper, i'm asking: it's possible to have it also for chimera? the white bootscreen that i use i flagged...
  4. ricky84

    no audio alc 889 after run multibeast

    Hi there i've done a fresh install via unibeast and everythings ok, but no audio, i've alc 889 and i run the last multibeast yosemite edition for sure, he says successfully done when i flag the alc 889, i reboot but still no audio? any ideas how to fix it? thanks!
  5. ricky84

    [Success] Ricky's build: GA Z68XP-UD3 uefi Rev1.3, i7 2600K, GTX 660Ti, SSD Drive

    ricky84's Build: Core i7-2600k - GA-Z68XP-UD3 - 16GB RAM 2133 Mhz - 660 GTX Ti Components Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 Motherboard Intel Core i7-2600K Sandy Bridge Processor...
  6. ricky84

    ga-h61n-usb3 + i5 2500k + gts250 = black screen

    Hi there, i'm trying a mini itx build osx 10.9 with these parts i'm running unibeast but doesn't appear the select language screen during the first boot but stock on black screen after apple logo, i've tried also with the combinations GE=Yes also PCIRootUID=0 and 1 i've tried also the VGA, DVI...