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  1. jagard

    Clover - Auto Tick Intel GFX

    Does everyone notice? Clover automatically ticks Intel GFX even though I didn't activate it in my config.plist **installed succesfully btw..just the gfx problem
  2. jagard

    Can't get pass this error! HELP PLEASE!

    I am trying to upgrade my sierra hackintosh however I keep on getting this error. Kext stall[0], (240s): 'pci8086,1c3a' Help is really appreciated. Thanks
  3. jagard

    Direct Update and failed

    I have been trying to direct update my hackintosh from 10.12.6 to 10.13 however it keeps gettig stuck from here on. Help will be very much appreciated. Thank you
  4. jagard

    [SOLVED]macOS Sierra installation[HELP]

    Hi guys, i am trying to install the macOS Sierra of my desktop but then overtime i run the installer it just force the computer to restart over and over
  5. jagard

    Network Keep Changing After Sleep

    Everytime my hackintosh sleeps, it changes the IP address on the network. And when I tried to put it manually using correct address and stuff still not working even though I got the correct IP. I had to restart the computer which is kinda annoying. I never had this problem before.. Anyone knows...
  6. jagard

    Stuck at considerRebuildOfPrelinkedKernel

    its been there for 2hrs now.. what am I doing wrong? Bootflags: -v PCIRootUID=1