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  1. Amandeep

    Fan Control Seriously Needed

    As seen from profile, I have a gaming laptop with 8750H and it generates a lot of heat and while using mac the fans are very very quiet and don't cool the laptop properly thus making it too hot to type. My PR files are attached. I have tried to take a clue from other posts on this thing but...
  2. Amandeep

    [solved] Audio solution Realtek Dev 0255

    Hello, In an effort to implement audio on my laptop running Mojave I tried to find what type of audio device I have and what I need to do to get audio working. First thing is that my mac is detecting my audio device as intel a348 while in windows it says it is realtek devid 0255. From this...
  3. Amandeep

    [BUG] Black screen 3 minutes after booting, CoffeeLake UHD 630

    Hi Encountered a black screen(backlight off) issue during boot? Coffeelake Hardware? Don't turn off your Laptop yet. Wait for 3 minutes and relax. The screen might come up. If this happens, we are on the same boat. As for me, I have properly installed AppleBacklight control as told in the...
  4. Amandeep

    [solved] Graphics Card Not Showing In Clover

    My graphics card is the Nvidia 1050ti as written in my bio. It is not showing in clover in the graphics injector part. It says only one graphics card is there(Intel) but when looking at system information it tells me there are 2. Problem reporting files attached.