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  1. ikotkovets

    Update Directly to macOS Catalina

    Updated to Catalina 10.15.4 (19E287) from Mojave 10.14.6 with issues. Updated couldn't start because error apfs_module_start: 1689 panic Solved by adding SSDT_EC:aml in /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched Then updating started, took...
  2. ikotkovets

    [SOLVED] Installation keeps reboot with screen showing "15 minutes remaining"

    add "-v" argument to Clover Boot parameters to see log. Today I had head ache with Clover update :(
  3. ikotkovets

    [Solved] JPG Quick Preview Not Working in Mojave

    Start your PC, navigate to BIOS (F2/Delete keyboard). Find something related with Graphics configuration. In my case there is "Advanced" -> GPU Graphics -> Preffered Device -> PCIExpress (was Auto)
  4. ikotkovets

    Problem with TP-LINK Archer T9E AC1900 Wifi Adapter

    No issues with TP-Link Archer T9E in Mojave. Works out of box
  5. ikotkovets

    AMD RX 590 Graphics card

    Confirm that Sapphire RX 590 Special Edition works our of box in Mojave!!!. (It replaced dummy Gibabyte GTX 960 G1 Gaming) I just copied WhateverGreen.kext and Lilu.kext to 10.14.
  6. ikotkovets

    Windows 10 Installation STOPS at SETUP.

    Totally worked. Awesome!
  7. ikotkovets

    macOS 10.13.3 Supplemental Update

    I have the same issue on High Sierra. Are there a way to disable Nvidia card in Clover? (I have GeForce 960)
  8. ikotkovets

    Update Directly to macOS High Sierra

    I followed all steps in the main guide (1st page) but it didn't helped. I was unable to run installation after reboot. Aways loading stopped with loading spinner. I found that is happen because I have Intel HD530 and Nvidia GeForce 960. So I ejected Nvidia card and installation loaded...
  9. ikotkovets

    Sierra - Security Update 2017-001 10.12.6

    Updated without problems. Switched to intel graphic card. Did update. Switched to Nvidia graphic card, updated driver. Works well
  10. ikotkovets

    macOS 10.12.6 Update

    Updated my mac from 10.12.4 directly to 10.12.6. Had issue with Intel HD 530, because I didn't installed Lilu and ...Fixup kexts before :). But solved the issue by changing the Graphics identifier at Clover Configuration from 0x1912... to dummy value 0x123456. After successfully booted and...
  11. ikotkovets

    Skylake Intel HD 530 Graphics Glitch Fix

    I have secondary nVidia GTX 960 4Gb. It also works without problems
  12. ikotkovets

    macOS 10.12.4 Update

    Updated without problems (before update I installed the latest Clover version) Intel hd 530, i5 6600K, Glitch at left top corner disappeared!!!
  13. ikotkovets

    Skylake Intel HD 530 Graphics Glitch Fix

    The glitch disappeared after update to 10.12.4 (16E195)
  14. ikotkovets

    [Solved] NVIDIA Web Driver iBooks Bug

    Set initial graphics to CPU and iGPU multiple screen enabled fix the problem. But I don't see os loading progress till login window
  15. ikotkovets

    Intel HD 530 Artifacts El Capitan

    I also have issue with HD 530. My monitor supports 2560x1440 and Mac OS El Capitan begins loading with this resolution. But during loading (right before progress bar at the end) the resolution is downscaling and becomes 2048 x 1152. I've set Inject->Intel->NO, but it didn't effect I've in my...
  16. ikotkovets

    Skylake Intel HD 530 Integrated Graphics Working as of 10.11.4

    hi I've an issue with intel hd 530. I see only 14 Mb in the system report. See images. Could anybody help? I've run MultiBeast and selected HD 530, but this didn't happen
  17. ikotkovets

    Installer stops

    Could anybody help me? I don't see Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500Gb drive to install in disk utility. Just to check I've created Ubuntu bootable usb and I see it to install I use UniBeast... tonymac sais that evo does work... ((((
  18. ikotkovets

    Installer stops

    But I don't see my Samsung SSD 850 EVO 600GB In UEFI it's visible
  19. ikotkovets

    Installer stops

    UEFI configs from this post just helped me to boot !!!!
  20. ikotkovets

    Installer stops

    I have created bootable USB. After I try to load Mac OS from it - Apple logo and progress bar appear but nothing happens for a long time. How much time does it continueing? My configuration ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming with integrated HD 530 Graphics Intel i5 6600K 16 Gb Crucial Ballistik Sport