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  1. dinnerplate

    Big List of Solutions for El Capitan Install Problems
  2. dinnerplate

    [Success] SCQ's Intel NUC DC3217BY (CLOVER/El Capitan)

    You can use the latest version (or a more recent version) of Clover to boot the NUC and run OS X El Capitan. Today the latest version of Clover is v2.3 r3716. The official page is here. When you install, you have the option of installing for UEFI...
  3. dinnerplate

    Question about original Cube PSU

    My recollection is that the power supply has two separate rails. One supplies the Cube and internals. The other takes a direct route through an internal bypass cable to the AGP riser and out the ADC cable to supply 28V to an ADC Cinema Display. I hope this is correct, because I'm going ahead on...
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    Beautiful. I don't understand a word of it, but I know what you're trying to achieve, and I know just how simple and beautiful it is to watch the glow of the Cube switch gently pulse. The pulse is what gives the Cube life beyond its clean polycarbonate lines.
  5. dinnerplate

    Uncut G4 Cube Mod ( ongoing project)

    Thanks for your answers. Much appreciated. I think I'm following. What you suggest would spread the force working against the glue/adhesive across 7 screws/standoffs instead of 4, right? But the CPU screw holes are quite narrow, so will need something with a narrow screw and a wider base. I...
  6. dinnerplate

    Uncut G4 Cube Mod ( ongoing project)

    Hi there iCubeFan, Great work here. I'm in the process of following a very similar path, and have a few questions about the method you used to affix the mobo with mounting screws to the original heatsink. I'll start with some questions, if you get a chance to reply that would be very helpful...
  7. dinnerplate

    Hopeful Cube build

    Another smaller, lower powered possibility (which I am looking into) is one of the Intel NUC boards. There is a new i5 board just released with a full-size SATA port, also a Thunderbolt board. And rumoured updates to Haswell later in the year. Just an alternative to Mini-ITX. Others on the...
  8. dinnerplate

    Hopeful Cube build

    Torx T8 Torx T10 A simple Googling will reveal as such, but good luck and have fun. I can still remember taking apart my first Cube like it was 2002. (It was 2002.) User-Submitted iFixit Take Apart Service Manual...
  9. dinnerplate

    Building a G4 Cube in Australia

    Greetings from Australia. I'm a long time Cube owner (I was Edge over at CubeOwner) and am fascinated to see the progress being made with the great Cube mods here. Your solution to the cooling issue is a good one. Creating a vacuum/seal and pressure differential to guide the hot air through...