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  1. Usal

    HP ZBook 15u G3 (6500u) Opencore 0.6.2

    Hi all, I am trying to get a ZBook running on opencore. I have had a lot of success and the only major items left are RTC BIOS resetting and trackpad (scrolling). I will include an Opencore 0.6.2 EFI folder to help anyone willing to try a Catalina 10.15.7 install. I used the rehabman HP guide...
  2. Usal

    BCM94352Z in Probook 430 G3

    Rehabman, I am trying to get wifi working on a Probook 430 G3 with macOS 10.12.1. The BCM94352Z I have is from a Lenovo pull. It has an ID of 14E4 43B1 17AA 0623. I think the dark void patches are not functioning due to it looking for the Dell version 14E4 43B1 17AA 062E. Would you let me know...
  3. Usal

    Gigabyte-x99p-sli-gets-thunderbolt-3 Can this be Hackintoshed?
  4. Usal

    New nvidia driver?

    331.01.01f02 is showing up in my nvidia driver manager. Has anyone tested it?
  5. Usal

    No Batteries Available

    Hi all, I mostly have my 4530s running well. However my menubar battery icon has an "x" in it and if you click it, it says"No Batteries Available." What kexts deal with the battery? What have I done wrong? Thanks!
  6. Usal

    APEX MI-008 Mini-ITX Case HELP!

    Hi everyone! I have the APEX MI-008 Mini-ITX case but I seem to have broken my drive optical drive door. I got spare springs from APEX but I cannot figure out where it is supposed to attach. Would anyone with this case please let me know where the spring(s) go?
  7. Usal

    Mac OS X 10.7.3 is released!

    GOGOGO! Tell of your results!
  8. Usal

    Unibeast and 4530s

    I created a Unibeast 10.7.2 stick with laptop support but it blackscreens when it should be starting the installation. Did anyone have success with the Unibeast on the 4530s?
  9. Usal

    How do I make Chimera boot up at 1366x768?

    Hi All, Does anyone know how to make Chimera boot up at 1366x768 instead of 1024x768? I am using intel HD3000 graphics on a HP Probook 4030s i3 sandy bridge laptop. Thanks!