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  1. katiepea

    z77x-ud5h; opencore windowserver CPU usage high / choppy GUI

    just switched over from 10.5 / Clover, figured it was time for OpenCore transition, made installer, got config working, restored from backup onto Big Sur, I have full functionality but I'm getting quite a bit of windowserver process spam coinciding with high CPU usage. After a few days of...
  2. katiepea

    Internal drives not showing in Sierra installer

    What was the solution? Same exact problem here.
  3. katiepea

    Help booting systemd Arch EFI with clover

    I've been dual booting OS X and Linux for years, specifically Arch, I've used grub all that time. I just redid my install a few days ago and decided to skip grub and go with the systemd UEFI boot instead. Clover won't seem to auto detect that. So my first question, after looking around forever...