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  1. glofter1

    GK107 card how to enable H264 on Mojave

    Hi to all. I have a very old machine with Gigabyte G31 - Xeon X5460, 8Ram . GT740-2GB GK107 chip. So I use legacy boot and SMBIOS 14.2. I try and other SMBIOS like 13.1;13.2;14.1;imacpro1.1;macpro5.1 but same result at all. Card are work great except H264, I use 2 monitor - DVI + HDMI , also...
  2. glofter1

    (SOLVED) Storage system verify or repair failed. : (-69716)

    Hi to all. Sorry about my bad English. So I take few days to fix this problem, and here what should do. 1. Mount EFI. 2. Copy your EFI Folder in desktop. 3. Download from app store Catalina and should automatic put in /Applications/Install macOS Catalina 4. Make Backup of your system on...
  3. glofter1

    FCPX Z370 8700K HD630+RX580 10.14.6

    HI to all I have a problem with FCP after update 10.14.6 , before I was on 10.14.4 and I use IntelGFX 0x59128086 and id-platform-id : 0x59120003 + bootflag -disablegfxfirmware and was work perfect. after update I can not make HEVC work fine. wen I test with videoProc HEVC is take too much time...
  4. glofter1

    After 10.14.6 Supplemental Update V2, GPU Not Detected

    Is someone have this problem after update ? GPU are not detected. I try dpcimanager 1.8, also I have 3 machine z77,z370,z390 and same problem on 3 of them after update. Actually gpu are work perfect ioregistryexplorer are detect iGPU and GPU, DPCIManager are not detected . any suggest ?
  5. glofter1

    kernel panic when add Lilu.kext

    HI. My this is my 4 days to trying to resolve problem with CPU seeping Ivy Bridge. So my machine is Asrock Z77 extreme4 / i5-3570K / 8Ram / RX560. I use this machine for five year with i5-2500 and i got new CPU 3570K and that start my problem. SO with my config to 2500 system start but CPU are...
  6. glofter1

    << Solved >> Broadcom BCM57781 stop working after 10.14.3

    HI I have old Asrock Z77 extreme 4 with Broadcom BCM57781. Till now I use FakePCIID.kext+FakePCIID_BCM57XX_as_BCM57765.kext and I was't any problem. After I update OS X from 10.14.2 > 10.14.3 and Network gone. If any one have same problem and did some one have solution ?
  7. glofter1

    CPU PM for i7-2770QM

    Hi to all. I need little help to fix my CPU power management. So I create a SSDT make everything to fix my I7-2670QM. but still not turbo boots. here is log. and also I attach SSDT. My laptop is Toshiba 755-1nk and I use SMBIOS MacBookPro8,2. AppleIntelInfo.kext v1.2 Copyright © 2012-2015 Pike...
  8. glofter1

    HP 7800 SFF / clover not boot from RAID 0

    Hi I have one old HP and trying to install Sierra 10.12.4 so I buy AHCI / PCI controller and put 2 HDD on it. SO after that I make boot USB and install 1 step Sierra on raid 0 with 2 HDD but after that clover can not load raid 0 like boot option, they recognize only Sierra installer . and EFI...
  9. glofter1

    bcm94360CD with m.2 Adapter on Lenovo y50-70

    Hi I have question. Is it work this variant on Lenovo y50-70, is someone are tested yet ?
  10. glofter1

    help for dsdt

    I try to fix one CX20585 on laptop Toshiba L755-1nk , but I can not get to work internal mic. I patched via AppleHDA Patcher v1.5, but they give me layout 3, actualy should be layout 12, but again not worked. So I found one AppleHDA.kext with worked external mic jack, but again internal mic not...
  11. glofter1

    question about GPU Link Speed 2.5 GT/s - 5.0 GT/s

    Hi everyone I have question about GPU Link speed, So I have 3 different hackintosh machine and at all machine GPU recognize like 2.5 GT/s this is speed of PCI-e 1.1 but on of machine have mobo GA-Z97x-sli ( PCI-e 3.0 ) and other have Asrock P67 ( PCI-e 2.0 ) so here is example I attached some...
  12. glofter1

    No Audio device P5G41T-M LX - ALC887VD

    Hi friend. I was very hard situation, all ready 4 days I can not resolve this problem with audio on old mainboard P5G41T-M LX. Chipset is ALC887VD. So with DPCIManager system are recognize only AUDIO device 0x808627D8 and sub device 0x1043840B I try to make download dsdt from ubuntu and patch...
  13. glofter1

    [Solved] original mac 8800GT not boot on Sierra

    Hi I have one old machine with Sierra 10.12.0 Mobo : GA-G33-DS3R / CPU : X5460 / 8GB DDR2-800/ and till now I use nvidia GeForce 8400 GS-512mb and work good, but I need this GPU for other machine because is half- and put my original card from mac pro 3.1. On card is write 9800GT but system are...
  14. glofter1

    Sierra on GA-Z97X-SLI + 4790k + gtx970 restart everyday

    HI to all I have problem with my new hackintosh machine. I use it for 5 mount but can not resolve one problem. Machine crash with this error. I have 2 problem but more unpleasant problem is restarting. other problem is monitor turn off after apple logo I should power off / power on and after...