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  1. headkaze

    EFI Agent v1.3.2 (menu bar utility)

    Simple, low resource, efficient and no frills tool to mount EFI partitions. Features: Shows EFI disks to mount / unmount and open in Finder Shows disk icons and color-coded partition scheme Shows boot EFI partition (uses IODeviceTree:/chosen/boot-device-path if...
  2. headkaze

    Clover r4887 press F8 from menu for audio codec dump

    Clover r4887+ now has audio codec dumping from the Clover menu. Press F8 to dump in Linux-style text (and binary) formats to EFI/CLOVER/misc. No need to boot into Linux or use the modified VoodooHDA.kext anymore. When installing Clover make sure you place a tick next to UEFI...
  3. headkaze

    Updating from Mojave betax to betax+1 (APFS conversion?)

    I upgraded my laptop to Mojave using CCC which allowed me to maintain my HFS+ filesystem. Does anyone know if I do an update to the next beta if it will force a conversion to APFS?
  4. headkaze

    [Guide] Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen English:
  5. headkaze

    [Release] Hackintool v3.x.x

    HACKINTOOL The Swiss army knife of vanilla Hackintoshing WARNING! Hackintool is not an automated patching tool that does all the work for you. Knowledge is required on how to patch before using it. Please read the Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen guide before you download this...
  6. headkaze

    Some questions about USB port configuration

    So I've been following Rehabman's [Guide] 10.11+ USB changes and solutions and have a few questions about my wonderful new Cubi 2 Plus (7M - 015BUS) hackintosh build. I added the DSDT patches required to rename EHC1->EH01 and EHC2->EH02 to Clover as well as the _OSI to XOSI patch. So I have...
  7. headkaze

    Darkwake Deciphered

    Based on NeXTguy's post I have created a chart with all the values for Darkwake deciphered. Meanings of the values: HIDTickleEarly hid tickle before gfx suppression HIDTickleLate hid tickle after gfx suppression HIDTickleNone hid tickle is not...
  8. headkaze

    4K Monitor Fix for High Sierra > CoreDisplayFixup 1.3 + Lilu 1.2

    For those of us running 4k you don't need the mac-pixel-clock-patch-V2 patch anymore. There is CoreDisplayFixup + Lilu I'm still on Sierra 10.12.6 so I ran CoreDisplay-patcher.command unpatch to remove the mac-pixel-clock-patch-V2 patch. Then I copied CoreDisplayFixup 1.3 and Lilu 1.2 to my...