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  1. jjforums

    Cheaper motherboards: are B250, B360, H310 chipsets supported?

    I see on Buyer's Guide that all recommended products are with motherboards higher end chipsets, which can be quite expensive. What about the cheap ones? Aren't supported/recommended? Thanks.
  2. jjforums

    No audio after changing from iMac14,2 to MacPro5,1

    Hi, I installed macOS Sierra 10.12.5 and used MultiBeast to install ALC888 driver + 3 audio port option, with system option to iMac14,2 and audio worked fine there with this setting. I changed from iMac14,2 to MacPro5,1 to get better performance, but the audio device is not identified anymore...
  3. jjforums

    Trying to boot Windows or Linux from Clover show logo picture instead of booting

    Hello, I have Windows and Linux in separated drives and wanted to boot them from Clover. When I Clover shows up, I see many options to choose from, but none of them actually boot the operating systems, instead they show the logo and get stuck there. How can I set up to boot from Linux and...
  4. jjforums

    Bluetooth keyboard battery indicator and wake option

    Hi, I have a generic Bluetooth dongle and a bluetooth keyboard connected to my desktop. It's the Logitech K380, it is working but it does not show the battery percentage, so I can't see how much of battery I have left. It also does not let me wake using the keyboard. I remember that long ago I...
  5. jjforums

    Audio distortion when having sound output from two applications

    Hi, I'm on macOS Sierra, using a i5-750 DH55HC (ALC888). I installed the ALC888 Legacy + 3 port option through Multibeast and audio works from motherboard. The only issue is when I play two sounds from different applications. Let's say I'm listening some sound from a YouTube video, then I...
  6. jjforums

    Lenovo Z370, no display after loading bar on installer

    Hi, I'm trying to install Sierra on my Lenovo Z370 (i3-2310M, Intel HD 3000). My first attempt was with the installer from Unibeast (legacy/EFI) but the boot loading stopped in the half of the loading bar, with the Apple logo. Last message: default-installer-from-unibeast.jpg I used OS X...
  7. jjforums

    Very low score on Geekbench 4

    Hi, I'm getting less than half score I get on Ubuntu with the same system, the only difference is that the Sierra is on an old HDD and Ubuntu is on an SSD, not sure if that would make the score drop so much. Any ideas? I noticed that the HDD is slower than I expected, but even then the score...
  8. jjforums

    Fenvi FV-T919 link pointing to different product in Buyer's Guide

    Hi, the link of the accessory "Fenvi FV-T919 802.11AC A/B/G/N/AC BT 4.0 Desktop Wifi Card" is not pointing to the product with the same model on Amazon, instead it points to the product with model "AR5BDT92". Is it a cheaper alternative? Thanks.
  9. jjforums

    USB Bluetooth dongle not being identified properly

    Hi, I followed the guide: I installed the kexts in EFI/CLOVER/kexts. I could get Sierra to display the bluetooth adapter but it does not pair with my bluetooth keyboard (K380). It asks for the code to pair, I type the code, it says...
  10. jjforums

    Bluetooth stopped working after El Capitan update

    Hi, I used to use my Bluetooth adapter normally, but it seems it does not work anymore after the update. It identifies the dongle in System Profiler but it does not work. I've tried to install the kexts following the instructions here: -...
  11. jjforums

    How to enable AirDrop on 10.11 via Ethernet?

    Hello, is it possible to enable AirDrop via Ethernet on 10.11? I have no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, I tried this command: defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1 The AirDrop option is showed in Finder, but doesn't work with my iPhone. Any ideas?
  12. jjforums

    NVIDIA web drivers always saying that I'm using native drivers

    Hello, NVIDIA web drivers is saying that I'm using native drivers, I tried to remove injection on clover configurator and enable nvda_drv=1, but didn't help. When I removed the injection, video didn't work at all. I also tried to switch between system definitions, I tried iMac 11,1 (which...
  13. jjforums

    Does system description affects performance?

    Hello, System description shows "Mac Pro (Early 2008)", when I logged in, I received a email saying that my Apple ID was used to login into a iMac 27". Does these information affects performance? Can I change it? Thanks.
  14. jjforums

    How to Clone UniBeast?

    Is it possible to clone UniBeast USB Flash drive to another drive or to the cloud? In case of something happen to my USB Flash drive and my PC. Thanks.
  15. jjforums

    Switching cards, from GTX 560 to GTX 750

    Hello, what are the steps to switch cards? As my current graphic (Fermi) card needs GraphicsEnabler=Yes and nVidia Drivers to work properly, would I need to change some setting or just switch the cards, as my new card is a Maxwell one? Thanks.
  16. jjforums

    New graphics card for old build

    New graphics card for old build GTX 750 vs GTX 750 Ti Hello, my current build is: DH55HC + i5 750 @ 3.36Gz + GTX 560SC and my graphics card has some issues, sometimes it freezes and I have to force restart and the issue that destroys the images. So I want to buy a new graphics...
  17. jjforums

    Poor battery, draining like 1% per minute or so

    What I could do to improve my battery autonomy? I'm running a Lenovo Z370, i3-2310 with 4Gb of RAM, HD3000. Just using Chrome and around 10 tabs, not watching videos, just reading and messaging.
  18. jjforums

    Recommended system definition

    My Lenovo Z370 is a 13.3" laptop, and system definition is showing as 17" macbook pro, should I change it? How could I change this? Thanks.
  19. jjforums

    Extra keys (capacitive keys), how to make them useful or get red of them

    My laptop (Lenovo Z370) have some capacitive keys, volume down, volume up, mute, and others, when I touch one of them, I cannot control my volume anymore. For Linux, I used to use a workaround in /lib/udev/rules.d/95-keyboard-force-release.rules file (showed below). I won't mind to disable...
  20. jjforums

    Fn Keys to control brightness

    Hello, I'm not sure what to do to configure correctly the brightness control from keyboard on my Lenovo Z370. It works but not in the keys that are supposed to work. Should be Fn+Up and Fn+Down, but it's working with Fn+Home and Fn+PageUp. I use a ABNT2 keyboard. What would be the...