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  1. Pepito222

    Help: Clover stuck on apple logo

    Hi, could you please attach your EFI folder? I've been trying for so long with the same mother board with no success.
  2. Pepito222

    help with Asus prime z490m-plus and OpenCore "oc: failed to load configuration"

    please, Help, This is my first time so I really need help. Before reading both dortania and tonymac buyers guide I purchased a i5 10400 and a Asus prime Z490M-plus. Before some tries with UnyBeast they told me that clover was not useful with tenth gen and to try with OpenCore, so I did and...
  3. Pepito222

    [SUCCESS] OpenCore BigSur on ASUS PRIME H470M-PLUS, i5-10600

    hi, I will try something similar so it would be very useful if you could attach your EFI folder. Thanks
  4. Pepito222

    Unibeast catalina stucked at Apple logo

    Thanks this week I’m trying to make it work with all this new info.
  5. Pepito222

    Unibeast catalina stucked at Apple logo

    Thanks, Now I was trying to boot from High Sierra as in the Mac don’t boot either, but I have the same problem again in both the pc and the Mac. Im going to try to replicate what those people you told did. It will be much easier if you could send me the links. Thanks for guiding me thrugh this.
  6. Pepito222

    Unibeast catalina stucked at Apple logo

    Hello, I have an Asus prime Z4890M-Plus and an i5 10400, I don't have any dedicated GPU. I'm new here too and I have the exact same problem and I can't find any information about it. I can boot from the USB but I'm stuck at apple logo. I even left it overnight twice. I've already change all...