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  1. raintoad

    [SOLVED] diskutil list not listing external USB drive (all of a sudden)

    I've been using a 2tb USB backup drive for my macos and it's been working fine. it's been some time since I used it, but now suddenly macos (mojave) is not recognizing it. I've tried running diskutil activity to monitor to see if there's anything going on. nothing. I've rebooted into windows...
  2. raintoad

    << Solved >> Sleep suddenly stopped working (no bios change or update done)

    I've done no modification to the system for a long time. No changes to bios, no changes to the OS (haven't done any updates because there's some issue). Just a couple of days ago, sleep suddenly stopped working. Now if I invoke sleep manually, the computer will act just like it does when...
  3. raintoad

    << Solved >> New 4K monitor, now have screen flicker

    I got a new monitor, changed from using DVI to DisplayPort, and from 2K monitor to 4K. Now I have screen flicker. Anyone know how to fix this? I changed my model from iMac14,1 to iMac18,1 to no avail. Installed kexts: AppleALC.kext AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext FakeSMC.kext...
  4. raintoad

    << Solved >> new install finished (boot issues)

    Hi, I just got a new install finished. Someone built a computer for me, had clover working just fine. After turning on fileVault, the clover install showed options I was unfamiliar with and I decided to reinstall everything. Now I've got everything working again, but when I boot the computer...
  5. raintoad

    [SOLVED]: how do I get the bootleader to automatically keep booting

    Like I want to see the 10 second countdown and then it should keep booting. Right now it stops and waits for user input.
  6. raintoad

    [solved] can't boot from drive

    Currently I'm booting from the unibeast created USB drive created. If I try to install the bootloader with multibeast, macos will not boot. I tried mounting the EFI on the unibeast and copied the config.plist over to the EFI on my harddisk, however this was a failure. I turned on verbose...
  7. raintoad

    Failure to boot sierra - please help

    Hi, I've got failure to boot sierra. See screenshot for actual errors. I upgraded from Yosemite. Before I had a really old version of chameleon that I could only get working by passing -f anyone have suggestions on ideas of how to boot? My motherboard is in my description ( GA-X58A-UD3R ) and I...
  8. raintoad

    With clover installed the OS doesn't boot

    I'm stuck on Yosemite because the el capitan installer doesn't boot. But I've got latest version of Clover installed, and when I run it, the loader just gets stuck. I have to use a really old boot loader to get things working. Ideas?
  9. raintoad

    Chimera isn't installing as my bootloader

    I've tried several times, but Chimera isn't running as my boot loader after it says install is successful. Clover still shows up. Anyone know what the deal is ?
  10. raintoad

    Yosemite freezing on GA-X58A-UD3R

    I've had the computer lock up several times. At first I thought it was because it happened because I was idle, but then it happened in the middle of usage. Anyone else have this issue? This was not a fresh install but one that I've kept going since 10.6. Maybe it's time for a fresh install...
  11. raintoad

    EVGA GeForce GT 640 driver?

    Anyone have working NVIDA drivers for the EVGA GeForce GT 640 card? I can't seem to play anything on steam, and I'm curious to see if that will work.
  12. raintoad

    Securing your hackintosh

    I posted an article how to make your hackintosh secure despite not having access to FileVault2. let me know what you think
  13. raintoad

    USB socket for motherboard does not match case connector

    The motherboard USB connector isn't matching the case for USB and I'm a bit perplexed. Anyone have any clue about this? See attached image. The mobo has 9 pins and the connector for the case has only 5 pins. Motherboard manual to the left, and case to the right.
  14. raintoad

    Looking for sandy bridge compat motherboard

    Been eying this one GA-P67A-UD3 ( ) Any recommendations? I a thread with someone with issues with UD3. Better suggestions or will this be just fine?