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  1. moshes

    Clover 5134 broke config.plist

    Greetings. I just updated a working clover 5133 to the just released 5134. It booted with Clover boot screen warnings. Accessing the boot log gave this list of problems: 0:117 0:000 There is problems in plist '\EFI\CLOVER\config.plist' 0:135 0:017 Warning: Unknown key '/Boot/Log:97'...
  2. moshes

    Successful Workaround for dual (or more) monitor support

    Greetings friends, I have a minimal system, with intel HD530 graphics. Support for dual monitors is lacking without a dedicated graphics card. If your needs are modest I have a workaround for you! There is a technology called DisplayLink (Wikipedia
  3. moshes

    (Solved) Catalina 10.15.5 updater failure

    Updated Clover to v 5118, updated all kexts to latest (Lilu, WEG, AppleALC, virtual SMC) Downloaded catalina updater through Software update. It did the install/restart but does not detect the new installer partition, and boots back into 10.15.4. This happened last time to me, and I ended up...
  4. moshes

    [Solved] security update 2018-001 5/1/2018

    Just installed via apple store. Worked smoothly, but I had to reinstall sound drivers using Multibeast. No problem. Had previous 10.13.4 security update a week ago. Edit: Sorry for the confusion. It appears that this is the same updater I installed a week ago. I don't know why the store...
  5. moshes

    Boot Fails on Skylake 530 graphics load - only using DVI.

    Looking for advice for a strange graphics issue. Using Intel 530, and DVI, under Sierra, worked as expected. I've now updated to High Sierra 10.13.1 and boot fails towards the end (when graphics glitch is usually apparent during successful boot). The fail manifests as loss of signal, screen says...
  6. moshes

    [SOLVED] Help with persistent Install file.

    Thanks in advance. I finally succeeded in updating 10.11.6 directly to 10.12.4. I created a new external drive, later used migration assistant to move the system settings, and last, replaced the internal drive with the updated external drive. Along the way I manually updated Clover, built a...
  7. moshes

    Advice for newbie hoping to build first machine

    I would like to use an old Dell case and power supply. Is this nuts? One problem right out of the gate is whether it is possible to connect the power/reset button on the case to any MB. The Dell box seems to have a little card and a multi pin connector to its main board. I don't know whether...