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  1. antonioj07

    Magic mouse: swipe between pages with one finger not working

    Hello, i am not able to activate this gesture not matter what...i tested with Safari and Chrome...if i enable two finger for this it works, but it prefer to use that to switch between full screen apps. I already tried to delete and add the mouse again and it still did...
  2. antonioj07

    [solved] Suddenly, bluetooth can´t find my magic mouse

    Hello, i´ve been using my magic mouse without any problems in El Capitan for months, but suddenly it stopped working. I removed the magic mouse to try and add it again, and now bluetooth can´t find it (or any other bluetooth device). My bluetooth adapter is a generic CSR device, that i made...
  3. antonioj07

    No DVD drive detected

    I´m on 10.11.4, and when i run Disk Utility i only see my can i fix this?
  4. antonioj07

    Recovery image verification failed and OsxAptioFixDrv problems

    I suddenly faced these problems: Recovery image verification failed - when i try to boot from hd OsxAptioFixDrv: Starting Overrides for IABootfiles/boot.efi, when i try to boot from my USB installer, even if i try to run the El Capitan installer... Before i faced this problem, i was able to...
  5. antonioj07

    10.10.3 is out

    Is it safe to install?
  6. antonioj07

    Probook 4340s stops network connections in Sleep Mode

    Hello, I´m having this problem since i made a new installation of Mavericks, when i wake up my probook from sleep mode it has no network connection, then i have to wait for it connect again, be it wifi or ethernet. So, if i have something like Ut*****t running, it stops all the downloads while...
  7. antonioj07

    Can´t boot - kernel panic after installing other OS

    Hello, i´ve been testing other (beta) OS in other partition on my 4340s, and all was ok until yesterday, when i stopped being able to boot to Mavericks (see the image) What can i do to fix this?
  8. antonioj07

    Need help: suddenly start getting black screen afer boot

    Need help: getting black screen after boot Hello guys, This is the first time this is happening to me. All was fine before, i was running 10.9.2 without any problems whatsoever, but since yesterday i get a black screen after boot, right after it blinks one time. If i boot to Osx hd from the...
  9. antonioj07

    Bluetooth - Conceptronics CB200U2

    Hello, i´m trying to add bluetooth to my Probook 4340s by using an old Conceptronics CB200U2 dongle. Mavericks detects it, i get the bluetooth icon on statusbar, and i can open its Preferences, but it keeps searching without finding any devices, and at the same time other devices can´t see my...
  10. antonioj07

    Dualboot question - making new partitions at a later point

    Hello, Right now i am dualbooting Mavericks and Windows 8.1, with each OS having a 250gb question is, what is the best way to shrink Windows OS partition, and create a new DATA partition, that can be used by OSX (and windows)?
  11. antonioj07

    Mavericks on the 4340s

    Edit: Forget the 3 first pages of this thread, this is how to do it: Use IGPlatformID=01660003 IGPEnabler=Yes -x PCIRootUID=0 GraphicsEnabler=No to boot both with the installer and the first time for OSX, then use the probook installer, and all will work :) Hello, I opened this...