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  1. Pavo

    Intel 82574L

    I have figure out how to make this NIC use the native kexts without any modification of the NIC firmware as suggested in other threads. Add the following to Clover config: <key>ForceKextsToLoad</key> <array>...
  2. Pavo

    Update Bios

    how do you update Intel DX58SO bios in Mac?
  3. Pavo

    Ati 5770

    I have looked every where and can not figure this out, I have a XFX Ati Radeon 5770 and when I boot with the iBoot it loads with the EFI rom located in the System Profiler but when I don't boot with iBoot it doesn't, does this matter or not, seems like everything is working without the EFI rom...