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  1. gabevf

    (OpenCore) NVIDIA Web Drivers NOT Loading

    Hi there, The drivers load just fine in Clover, but they just don't want to work in OC. I've tried all kinds of things: tried all kinds of boot flags, with Whatevergreen, tried updating driver, messed around with NVRAM.... but I can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I...
  2. gabevf

    Finder Sidebar Drive Icons Show as Gray Circles

    The title says it all. Relaunching Finder fixes it for a few seconds, then it goes right back to the circles. Did some googling, but no solutions... Any ideas??
  3. gabevf

    Boot Flags "stuck" in NVRAM

    I've been trying to switch from Clover to OpenCore without success, so no I'm trying to go back to Clover but I noticed that the boot arguments from OpenCore have carried over to Clover. Resetting the NVRAM from an OC bootable drive does not work. re-writing the flags in the Clover Boot screen...
  4. gabevf

    OpenCore GPU Configuration

    I’m trying to switch from Clover to OpenCore (0.6.6), and I’m running into trouble around graphics configuration on High Sierra 10.13.6. Because my BIOS (version F6) doesn’t have the “above 4g decoding” option available, I’m only able to boot with the ncpi=0x2000 or ncpi=0x3000 boot args, but I...
  5. gabevf

    MacPro7,1 SMBIOS on High Sierra

    Hi y'all, is it possible (or advisable) to do this? I'm currently running iMacPro1,1 on Clover + Lilu, w/ an x299 CPU and 3x Nvidia GPU's. Thanks!
  6. gabevf

    Dual GPU: Nvidia + AMD (High Sierra) Is it Possible?

    Hi everyone, I’ve seen this question scattered through the forums, but nothing addresses my particular use case... I’m hoping to use an AMD Vega 56 as the primary GPU or run my OS (High Sierra), and the Display, while having 2x GTX 1080ti’s solely for CUDA computing (specifically for 3D...