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  1. DevilsAdv

    High Sierra 10.13.6 - peculiar issue with audio/wifi and Nvidia Web Driver

    Hi, Facing a very peculiar problem with my installation. Details as follows: MB=MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon Processor=I7 6700k Wifi: TP Link WN881ND (AR9287) Audio: ALC1220 (onboard) Graphics: GTX 1060 6bg OS= High Sierra 10.13.6 Issues being faced: Installed audio and wifi fix and working...
  2. DevilsAdv

    Stuck on Boot Screen

    Installation went smooth but when I boot from the Disk I am struck at this screen.. any help??
  3. DevilsAdv

    Need Help. Work Hacintosh with Windows is Now Not Working.

    hi, My hackintosh was working fine including imessage and all. But unfortunately my windows 10 crashed and I had to reinstall windows 10 after formatting the disk. now I cannot work on my hackintosh. my config was windows on separate disk and osx on separate disk. I have formatted only the disk...
  4. DevilsAdv

    [Solved] Sierra 10.12 Gtx 1060 issue

    Hi, I am a new to the forum. Built my hackintosh with following configuration: MB: MSI Z270 Gaming pro Carbon CPU: Intel i7 6700k RAM: G.Skill 16GB RGB Graphics: Zotac GTX 1060 Amp WIFI: TP Link (Atheros AR9287 based) Wireless Network Adapter DISK: Samsung 850 SSD I followed the guide...