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  1. hotbullet

    EBIOS READ ERROR: ScreenShot inside : GAZ68p-ds3

    Hi I am having problem with the Hitachi 1TB Advance format and wd black 2TB when these drives are attached to the mobo i can't boot from chimera, also i have had same problem on giagbyte h67 d3sh any one have faced same problem and managed to fix? Thanks.
  2. hotbullet

    gigabyte z68xp big problem please help. can not run programs

    sorry to post again.. but please help
  3. hotbullet

    Strange But True.. Bootloader Problem? z68p-ud3r. some apps

    Hello. my hardware set up are as below. mb: gigbyte Ga-Z68p-UD3r. Cpu: i72600k. Hdd. Wd 1TB, SSD patriot 128GB. post: installation. multibeast for lion and easybeast. Problem. i am not able to run some programs, it shows up like this. so i install same on the other drive but this time i...
  4. hotbullet

    my asus p8p67 evo won't over clock in osx

    Hi I have below specs -i7 2600k -Asus P8P67 EVO. -installed using easy beast. i oc to 4.5GHZ in windows i am getting a better benchmark. however in osx. i get geek bench score of 1100-12000 only. whether i over clock or reset cmos i am getting the same score. could anyone help me...
  5. hotbullet

    ATI 4870 Problem..can not use iboot...stuck

    Hi Friends,,, please help me.. i would like to install snow leopard with my asus eah 4870 1GB video card but i am getting this screen,, what should i do.. i have checked everything in the bios. all settings are correct. .when i use my 8400 gs i can install. but i want to use the 4870. Thanks.
  6. hotbullet

    Request help you need to restart your computer: X58A-UD7

    Hello.. i have used tonymac to method to install on all my computer,,however with this config i am doing in a fresh install. 1)i7 930 2)Board Gigabyte: X58a-UD7 3) Ram ADATA 2000g or Kingston all give the same error. 4)VGA: ATI 4870 no other cards or usb plugged. latest iboot i am using.. i...
  7. hotbullet

    ECS H55Hi mini ITX Problem: Random sets of USB Port works,

    Dear Friends, i have been almost successfully built my hackintosh but problem is my usb ports keep on freezing if i boot from the hard drive,, i have installed multibeast. i have notice that my rear usb port or my front usb port will work randomly only 1 set. it is like if the rear usb...