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  1. etorix

    Recommendation for music production 2021

    If it cools, it works… But if silence is desired, I'd still suggest not to save on the cooler and rather pick a non-K CPU with a high end cooler than a K with a cheap cooler. NH-U9S is certainly good, but, again, a single, larger, fan will be quieter than two smaller fans. Item #5 in this list...
  2. etorix

    Catalina Install problem.

    This look like the same issue as in this thread: Unibeast uses an outdated version of Clover which does not support 10th gen. You have to: 1) download a newer release of Clover, and then install and configure it by yourself—not using Unibeast; OR 2) use OpenCore.
  3. etorix

    Alder Lake / Big Little Compatibility with Hackintosh

    Disabling Gracemont will not help if the hybrid architectures means that cores are addressed differently than with the previous generation. It is a poor fix to ensure consistent scheduling in the absence of a sophisticated scheduler. But, form this article by Intel, Golden Cove cores do have...
  4. etorix

    Z490 & Z590

    It is usually recommended to disable Thunderbolt security. And it would be a pity if this simple BIOS setting were responsible for hot-plug not working… Congratulation for your dedication! Harnessing a SOIC8 socket to the motherboard was a rather extreme step.
  5. etorix

    Mojave on asus z390-p and samsung evo 970

    Install involves several reboots. Just let it proceed until it does boot from the expected HDD/partition.
  6. etorix

    Can I: Big Sur this Z390 AORUS PRO with INTEL Core i9 9900K ?

    It probably is as simple as clicking on "Update" in Software update. What is your bootloader and it version?
  7. etorix

    Recommendation for music production 2021

    Cooler size with respect to your case is obviously a consideration, but if you can fit a NH-U14S it will cool the CPU very, very quietly. Smaller NH-U12A, NH-U9S will make somewhat more noise due to the dual fans and the smaller fans (= spin faster), tough still being quieter than most of the...
  8. etorix

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    In ProperTree it would look like this:
  9. etorix

    with OpenCore boot, how do I disable informational boot log

    Updating OpenCore, especially across a substantial version gap, is best done by making a full EFI folder anew. Use your old config.plist as a guide for the right settings to be copied into the new Sample.plist; do not try to edit the old config.plist to bring it into conformity with 0.7.4, there...
  10. etorix

    Asus X299 - Support

    Have you tried the kexts here?
  11. etorix

    This is a Shocking Graphics Card Price from Newegg

    So, not exactly a deal… especially considering that a GTX 1050 is close to useless in a 2021 hackintosh. ;)
  12. etorix

    October 18th 2021 Apple Event: M1X MacBook Pros, Monterey Public Release, New Mac mini ?

    Which real or imaginary "limitations" are you talking about?
  13. etorix

    Recommendation for music production 2021

    NH-D15 is really BIG. I would stop at NH-D15S (mind the 'S'!) or rather NH-U14S. Gigabyte Z390 UD has a Thunderbolt header, should you change your mind on that, but no USB 3 Gen 2. Asus Z390 Prime A has USB 3 Gen 2 but no Thunderbolt. I doubt that faster USB is worth twice the price though.
  14. etorix

    << Solved >> USB Port Isn't Working After Using Audio Interface

    USBMap lets you discover the ports and create a kext or SSDT. You are still responsible for setting the port type (USB2, USB2 from USB3, USB3 type A, USB 3 type C with switch, USB 3 type C without switch, fixed internal device, etc.) and for enforcing OS X limit of 15 personalities per...
  15. etorix

    ASUS XG-C100C : Problem (graphic glitch...)

    Since the PCIEX4 slot takes its lanes from the Z370 PCH there's no reason it would interfere with the dGPU in PCIEX16. The glitches could be due to Electro-Magnetic Interference. If you're willing to try another chipset, you may look for a Chelsio T520 card. These are server-grade cards, so not...
  16. etorix

    Asus x99-ws/ipmi very slow/unresponsive interface

    Silly me!:oops: That's the enhanced security features of OpenCore 0.7.2+ kicking in, especially when trying to boot older OS X versions. Please set UEFI>APFS>MinDate and MinVersion to '-1'; you may also set Misc>Security>SecureBoot to 'Disabled'.
  17. etorix

    First Build Issues - Sleep/Bootup/OC Screen - Big Sur - OpenCore

    Asus splash screen: See BIOS options. OpenCore boot screen: Disable picker—but it seems you rather need to display it for 10s or more. "Lines of code": Remove boot-arg '-v'. But don't do it until you're satisfied that the hack is complete and trouble-free.
  18. etorix

    10.11 El Capitan compatible with my build?

    "Audio problems" as in "lesser quality from onboard codec" may not be an issue for you, as you likely use specific hardware. However many professional softwares are known not to work properly on AMD-based hackintoshes. Form Dortania's Anti-Buyers Guide: Seek specific advice for the software you...
  19. etorix

    Upgrade my hack

    This thread should give you a good head start. If you don't intend to overclock, you may consider an i7-10700 or i9-10900 rather than the K variants: Similar performance, similar thermals!
  20. etorix

    Recommendation for music production 2021

    At least with OpenCore you do not even need to have two different EFI: Just use the picker and choose the drive or partition you want to boot from.