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  1. lowlab

    Maverick-10.9.2 no sound after restart -gigabyte h87n-wifi -Realtek ALC 892

    So my problem is with Maverick-10.9.2 no sound after restart motherboard -gigabyte h87n-wifi -Realtek ALC 892. Solution for me is to go to sound setting and re selecting Builtin speaker but this get very try some . Would anyone suggest a maverick install or a downgrade to 10.9.1?
  2. lowlab

    Haswell HDMI Audio

    Thankyou TOLEDA and daisukae14 for simplifying it for me ...!!!!
  3. lowlab

    Does Multibeast Support the NVIDIA Geforce GTX 675M /4G GDDR5?

    What sort of problems do you have with the left side USB ports freezing ?
  4. lowlab

    [Guide] Airport - Half Mini PCIe

    Thank you so much for this thread I managed to get my AR9285 working on my msi gt70 onc-008us hackintosh through dsdt editing .
  5. lowlab

    Can't get to uuid present smbios

    So i was able to open the usb pen drive on my G4 . Is there a way to add the dsdt i have that was working for Lion ?
  6. lowlab

    Can't get to uuid present smbios

    Trying to install via USB pen on : P35 Platinum (ms-7345) identical to P35 Neo2 GTS 250 nvidia C2C q6600 So I set flags tried a bunch of them example .: -v -x PCIRootUID=0 or -V GraphicEnabler=no Unibeast start doing it thing scrolling all kinds of text but when ,what i suspect is a kernel...