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  1. miffro

    Stable and easy to build TB3/Thunderbolt 3 machine (i7 8700k+RX580)

    I´m looking for the "best" combo of CPU+Motherboard+GPU, for an easy install that is stable. I need TB3 for music production. So far I have bought used CPU: Intel i7 8700k GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX580 4gb nitro+ and Fenvi BCM94360CS2 PCIe card...
  2. miffro

    Motherboards used / what to look for

    Which motherboard models would you recommend in the used market for a Hackintosh? A build with 6th / 7th generation Intel hackintosh with used parts, will get good performance compared to price.
  3. miffro

    Upgrade graphic card GTX 760

    I am running Yosemite on motherboard: Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 (f10),cpu: Intel i5 2500k, 16gb memory. I am currently using the onboard intel hd graphics 3000 with two monitors. I have been using this machine for 2 years, and it works pretty good. Now I am wondering if it would be possible to put...
  4. miffro

    Lycom 1394a Pci express TI chip not working!

    Hi, i have a problem with Lycom 1394a Pci express TI chip. the firewire card shows up in OS X with no installation, the firewire audio card (m-audio profire 2626) installs fine. But I cant get any sound. The machine goes to spinning ball, and i have to force quit the software playing the audio...
  5. miffro

    Switched machine profile, machine wont boot

    Hi, Ive just switched from Mac Mini to iMac, and now the machine freezes on startup, and the screen looks weird. Used multibeast to do the switch. I think if ive managed to set it to be a mac mini again, it will work. But is that possible? Everything has worked perfect untill I switched to...