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  1. Andropov

    PowerMac G3 Mod

    It isn't good hardware, but I just want to give a speed up to my old 300Mhz B&W G3 using some hardware that I have lying around. Specs: - Unknown motherboard :worried_anim: - Intel Core 2 Quad a 2,66Ghz (Before: PowerPC G4 a 300Mhz) - Nvidia GeForce 8400GS en PCIe (Before: ATI Rage 128 en PCI) -...
  2. Andropov

    Original AirPort card in PCMCIA slot

    Can I plug an original AirPort card into a PCMCIA slot from a hackintosh? And, obviously, connect a compatible antenna (from a PowerMac G4 Sawtooth) in the antenna port of the AirPort card.