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  1. mariogto87

    OpenCore 0.6.3 & Fusion Drive

    Hi all, on my hackintosh, to upgrade to Big Sur, i've passed from Clover to OpenCore. I've a fusion Drive and i ve copied the folder EFI only on my SDD efi partition, and i tried the direct update from my existing installation to Big Sur. but at first reboot OC don't see any partitions...
  2. mariogto87

    [HELP] Enable VDA Decoding on HD p4000 with AMD RX 570

    Hi all, i'm trying to enable VDA deconding on my ivy bridge build. i've an Xeon e3-1245v2 with hdp4000 enabled on bios but with any monitor connected, and an AMD RX570 4GB with 3 monitor. AMD is working well, but i want to enable hdp4000 as 0fbmem decode. someone have some ideas? in...
  3. mariogto87

    Original Apple BCM94360CS no Bluetooth

    Hi all, i've purchase an original Apple BCM94360CS card, with adapter PCIE. In windows i have both wifi and BT, but in macOS 10.13.6 i have only wifi..BT is not showed also in DPCIManager. What's wrong? EDIT: Attached Files
  4. mariogto87

    MSI ARMOR RX 570 boot to Black screen

    Hi all, i've bought a MSI ARMOR RX570 4GB OC, but with lilu+whatevergreen or RadeondeInit i can't reach the desktop. The system boot to black screen. Where is the issue? I've tried also with -x but system don't start
  5. mariogto87

    [HELP]ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 & High Sierra 10.13.1

    Hi all, it's possibile to enalbe this graphic card? i've an old TOSHIBA L650-108 with i3-330M & HD5140 (which is really 4570) (0x95531002); Clover installation. The installation goes ok, but when sistem reboot i have a KP ->ATIRadeonX2000.kext I tried with this option: FAKEID: 0x94981002...