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  1. guillegomez

    Update 10.13.3 ProBook 4540s

    Every time I try to Update to 10.13.3, the installation stuck. I did this update on my Desktop and I had no problems. Should I do something before and after running this update on the ProBook 4540s? If someone already did this update on the ProBook 4540s, please detail the steps to follow...
  2. guillegomez

    [solved] ProBook 4540s No Audio After High Sierra Install

    No audio after After High Sierra clean install. Hp ProBook 4540s Intel core i7 Graphics: HD 4000 I tried Repair permissions and Rebuild cache but no luck. I'm attaching my config.plist Any ideas?
  3. guillegomez

    No HDMI Audio After High Sierra Upgrade HD4600

    I did a direct upgrade from El Capitan to High Sierra. Everything is working well except HDMI Sound. Before the Upgrade this was fine. I already tried the "New Automatic HDMI Audio Script" (cloverHDMI-130.command) but it did not worked for High Sierra. Any ideas? New Script Details...
  4. guillegomez

    --- No Sound After El Capitan Update - HP Probook 4540s ---

    Someone finally has sound on HP Probook 4540s after El Capitan Update? Please detail how you did. Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok. I found the solution: Here is the procedure: 1. Copy AppleHDAIDT.kext to...
  5. guillegomez

    [Solved] El Capitan - iTunes 12.3 Update

    Everything is running smooth except when I try to update iTunes 12.3. After the iTunes update, El Capitan not boot, stuck in the Apple logo. Could anyone help me with this issue? My Configuration: Motherboard: GA-H87-D3H Processor: i5-4570 Graphics: Intel HD 4600 Thanks...