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  1. YYR123

    Guide for GA-X79 and 10.12

    Does anyone have a guide for this mobo? I don't have success for installation, and don't understand clover, when or how it is used, nor how to use it. Is anyone running X79 and 10.12? How did you do it? Please and thanks
  2. YYR123

    Clover folder structure

    So I'm new to this whole clover thing so I apologize for my lack of understanding.... On My USB install drive- I have install sierra multi beast and a folder called EFI back ups Inside of efi backups it has r3766 and inside of that 2016-11-28 22h49 Then....EFI And inside of EFI is Boot...
  3. YYR123

    Sierra install hanging

    Maybe you guys can help. Been running my X79-UD5 very happily on 10.10.5. But the itch to upgrade is getting me. I am brand new to clover but I am running 2.3k rev 3766 I am hanging here and can't get past it Appleusbxhci Not sure how to bypass it or what I need to do to resolve it. My...
  4. YYR123

    Issues using unibeast to create install media

    Is there something else that I am missing? I have changed my sysdef's to a MP 2013 6.1 using mb but when I can never click on the sierra installation icon,,,,, it's greyed out. Any wise words?
  5. YYR123

    Sierra won't download on my 2009 MBP.

    I have a 2009 MBP and it says 10.12 cannot be installed on this computer, and obviously will not download 1. Does anyone know a workaround? 2. Is there any other way to get this software?
  6. YYR123

    Ram Issues in About this Mac / 10.10.5

    So I have been generally happy for about 4 years or so with my setup, but now have some issues. 1. My BIOS shows all my RAM correct size and slots installed. 2. When booting to 10.10.5, and I look at only shows 12gb instead of the 16Gb.... 3. It also shows different slots than the...
  7. YYR123

    Cheers Gents, install 10.10.5 great, but having one issue repeatedly

    So my 10.10 install went fine the only problem I am having is it after trying to install several of my generic programs Microsoft etc. etc. my computer froze which is kind of normal for computer, but the problem is when I do a hardware reboot of my computer (i.e. Via) the switch I am not...
  8. YYR123

    Buss Speeds set by hardware or Mac type?

    So I have an X79 HAck pro build - I click on ATM and system info.... 6.1 model Id and Buss speed 400mghz And that got me thinking how does this info get populated? By the model id that you loaded via MB or by the actual hardware? Reason is my DDR3 is 1866mghz and its reporting...
  9. YYR123

    TB2 PCIe cards / and X79 builds / OSX 10.8.5

    Are there cards out there that will run on the X79 platform? I know of the 2 main companies, ASUS and the GB they work with hack's is this doable?
  10. YYR123

    Evga GT750 sc - working with 10.8 / 10.9?

    I am thinking about upgrading my card...I have the GT640 that this site recommend when I did my build in 2013. Will this card work with these OS's Is there native support or do I have to install other kext and the like for compatibility? Thanks guys
  11. YYR123

    GA-X79-UD5 / 10.8.4 - mobo issues

    Is anyone else having issues with their gigabyte mobo? I had a ud3 first and it failed (won't boot to bios) after about a year in service. I sent it in for repair (3yr warranty) and it's been 6 months and it's happened again. Anyone else having this issue?
  12. YYR123

    10.8.4 / 10.9.1 Ethernet connections problems...Sometimes only.

    Sometime i boot i have no network. I open SYS PReF / Network and red light and not ip info. If I unplug the cable and replug it a few usually comes back on.....Right I can live with the but i thought what the hay maybe I can fix it with the help of the community....... here is my...
  13. YYR123

    Gigabyte board repaired / now what

    So I just got my gigabyte motherboard back from the repair center I have everything hooked up just like normal but now I'm having this problem and it freezes on this screenshot !! anybody have any ideas?
  14. YYR123

    GA-X79-UD3 went out now what mobo to choose from

    So they don't make the UD5 any more - what is the recommended mobo for X79 builds now? 2011 X79 want native sata / and I use 4 internal drives not SAS Audio recordings mostly
  15. YYR123

    Does anyone else have problems with the network connecting on startup? X79

    So i noticed on 10.8.2 that while or if I had a USB drive in the computer on startup my Ethernet would not show up as active. Sys Prefs / Network / no all...and red light on ethernet left column. I would fix by removing the RJ45 connector and replugging it....wa-la - Small...
  16. YYR123

    updated to 10.8.4 - cant boot off drive - will boot off another drive after boot loader.

    I updated and I can't get it to boot off the drive. If I boot from another working drive of 10.8.2 and MB 5.21 I boot up into the bootloader and then select my 10.8.4 drive it will boot (with no flags) but it will not boot by itself...... Should I use MB 5.43? any wisdom that can be...
  17. YYR123

    Updated to 10.8.4 - won't boot off the drive.

    Updated to 10.8.4 - now X79 won't boot off the drive. I updated and I can't get it to boot off the drive. If I boot from another working drive of 10.8.2 and MB 5.21 I boot up into the bootloader and then select my 10.8.4 drive it will boot (with no flags) but it will not boot by...
  18. YYR123

    Forget about 10.8.5 - was there success with 10.8.4 and the custo mac?

    So I was thinking about upgrading currently on 10.8.2. Some users of pro tools have stated specific performance improvements with 10.8.4 So....What version of MB should I use? What are some of the kext's that I should list and how should I go about the upgrade....I thank everybody for the...
  19. YYR123

    Install 10.8.4 or 10.8.2?

    So I'm booting from 10.8.4 right now but with issues and I haven't figured it out yet However I didn't have any problems booting and getting MB to boot 10.8.2 So I guess the question is - is 10.8.4 problematic for other reasons or is it working fine with the hack community ? Pls...
  20. YYR123

    so my custo mac pro's install got should I resolve it?

    So while trying to get the interm audio fix working on my system I installed an 4.6 version of multibeast....and I couldn't boot my drives anymore..... So I am trying to figure out the quickest way to get back to booting 10.8.2 - anybody have any sound wisdom for me? I could install 10.6...