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  1. gateway69

    Clover r5135 broke my booting

    Ugg.. So I was planning on upgrading to Big Sur from Catalina (latest version build) and I went to use clover configurator and updated the clover build though the system. This installed 5135 and now when I boot it goes for about 4 seconds and then reboots and this continues over and over...
  2. gateway69

    Upgraded my Samsung 970 500GB to new 1TB Wow

    Wow have prices come down on these M.2 NVMe drives. About a year or 2 ago I bought a Samsung 970 EVO 500GB - NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD (MZ-V7E500BW), which after a while I quickly filled up, looking around lately to upgrade to at least 1TB I found the prices have dropped quite a bit and I just...
  3. gateway69

    Samsung 970 EVO M2 (not pro) no longer shows up in Clover

    So I went to update to 10.14.5. I updated clover to the latest build, and started the update from the app store, once the system rebooted clover no longer shows my drive anymore. I verified in the bios thats its still their and also tried the clover cli to see if the EFI partition for my drive...
  4. gateway69

    Ram Suggestions - Asus Z370 H Looking for up to 64 gigs.

    Hi, its been ages since I have to build a new system. My hackintosh and previous pc's from the beginning of time have been easy.. With my new build of Asus Z370 H , i7 8700k I'm looking for the appropriate ram to buy. Looking for 16 gig sticks.. but when looking up the ram specs the easy...
  5. gateway69

    Upgrade Time: i9 or i8 and what Asus MB?

    I have been rocking my hackintosh for a long time but its time to upgrade since most of my work is CPU and GPU intensive. I'm looking for advice on the mid range price for a mother board that will take the higher end i8 or i9 cpu's. I have seen ones from ASUS that are up to $500 for the mb...
  6. gateway69

    Install issue no Metal Support - R 290x card??

    I have been able to upgrade for a long time I think I build this hackintosh in the Yosemite days. Here is a screen shot of some of my systems info. Note I have something weird in the display area just called Display built in which I'm assuming is the onboard graphics card, I'm wondering if...
  7. gateway69

    Help Understanding the Proper Product Name to Enter (MacPro5,1) etc

    I have had various hackintosh's over the years and for the most part stuck with the profile macPro 5,1 which is basically what my macbook pro is - I use its serial for iMessage. I'm in the process of putting together another one for a friend but I wanted to make sure I had the right profile...
  8. gateway69

    3 Displays showing up ???

    So I finally was able to get upgraded to HS and get my AMD R9 290x working with dual monitors. While going though my monitor settings to my surprise I saw an extra monitor attached. Its just called Display and is 17.8 inch running at 1024x768.. Anyone know what this is about and how to...
  9. gateway69

    Premier Pro + Photoshop AMD or Nvidia?

    I'm about to build a new hackintosh to do much more higher end video editing, one of my new drones shoots at 5k and my old hackintosh is just not up to par (still an amazing fast box for everything else). I was wondering those that have gone down this path what video card did you choose to get...
  10. gateway69

    High Sierra R9 290 Dual Monitor Support?

    I just updated today and Im unable to get my R9 to work, im currently plugged into the motherboards graphics card. I never had issues with El Cap or Sierra. I'm using the latest Clover. When I plug in my DVI into the AMD card the monitor goes black, If I plug it back into the motherboards DVI...
  11. gateway69

    R9 290x Won't Run Dual Monitors in High Sierra

    I was able to get High Sierra installed, however my AMD R9 290x wont do dual monitors anymore. This has always worked fine in El Cap, Sierra.. Im running clover .. do I need to do anything new for High Sierra?
  12. gateway69

    What do you use to make a complete clone of your OSX Drive?

    I used to use bootit, but my new machine has no cdrom and I dont have a usb stick of it or well one I can make easily. Are their any good free apps that make a complete copy of a drive including the EFI partitions etc?
  13. gateway69

    Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H Product SMBIOS Name?

    I hear if you use the safe Mac3,1 you might not get all the special kernel optimizations that where put into OSX as the years have gone by. For those of you who have this board, and a i7 Chip what are you using? This quote was taken from the iMessage thread.. "System Type & SMBIOS Its...
  14. gateway69

    Does 10.10.1 Fix the R9 290x Dual Monitor Problem?

    Anyone know if this patch fixes the dual monitor support for a amd r9 290x?
  15. gateway69

    Yosemite iMovie Crashs when adding a clip

    Anyone tried this out yet? I dragged some gopro footage into the timeline and kaboom, and it keeps happening I have no way around it.. Most everything else works (iMessage, Premiere pro, iPhoto, etc). Graphics card is a gtx 760 which I ran luxmark and valley bench marks and all seem to be...
  16. gateway69

    Graphics Card and is Dual Screen Working?

    Wanted to start a poll and maybe get a list of people who have working Yosemite installs with Dual Monitor. Please post your card and if you have dual monitor support working and maybe what you did or guide you used. Edit: If you have a R9 290x card working with dual screens I would love...
  17. gateway69

    10.10 source

    Have you guys seen this? OS X 10.10 - Source
  18. gateway69

    Unibeast -> Clover install - Yosemite keeps rebooting

    I was able to get all the way though the install and get Clover installed on the efi partition. When the system boots back up and I get into Yosemite, with in like maybe 30 seconds the system reboots.. any ideas? anyone seeing this behavior?
  19. gateway69

    GA EX58-UD5 + R9 290x install

    Ok, after days of playing around with this I was able to finally get what seems to be a stable Yosemite running minus some issues which are noted below. Install: UniBeast 5.01 to install Yosemite, not only have on monitor plugged in if you have two, and if the screen is flickering simply...
  20. gateway69

    Dual Monitor Issues R9 290x

    So, I finally got Yosemite working on my old ex58-ud5 motherboard with a radeon 290x and have almost everything working but when I plug in another monitor I just get two black screens and it never displays the Yosemite desktop, even when I have Yosemite up and running on one and plug in the 2nd...