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  1. brentfincham

    Erik's 2013 Hack Pro: Asus Sabertooth X79 - i7 4930k - 32GB 1866 Ram

    OK I'm having installation issues. Can someone help me? My system is very similar to Erik's and Robbie's and I have pored over these boards looking for information about my setup and no one seems to have exactly the same setup/components as me so I have limited info to go on. You can see my...
  2. brentfincham

    Asus Sabertooth x79 and Intel 4820k?

    I have the x79 sabertooth and 4820k as well. What boot flags did either of you use on the initial unibeast USB boot for installation? I've tried so many and always hangs (in verbose mode) at: DSMOS has arrived [IOBluethoothHCIController][start] -- completed see image below
  3. brentfincham

    [WORKING] GA-Z77-D3H + i5 3570k + HD4000

    [Edit: I do have v1.1 of this board] I think I got it working. Use this driver: Just follow the instructions.
  4. brentfincham

    [WORKING] GA-Z77-D3H + i5 3570k + HD4000

    Hmmm...I may have v1.1 as well. Will check tonight.
  5. brentfincham

    [WORKING] GA-Z77-D3H + i5 3570k + HD4000

    GA-Z77-D3H Core i5 3570K 8gb gskill ram I DEFINITELY have the Z77-D3H. ML installed and system booting properly. Installed the DSDT.aml and the Maolj's Atheros Ethernet.kext in MultiBeast 5.1.3. No network devices show up except "Built-in Serial Port". Am I supposed to use a different version...