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  1. max9000

    clover flashes text before normal window, error?

    here is the screen shot, shows many lines for apfs why is this flashing? never did this before. does this show something that needs to be fixed?
  2. max9000

    Clover Not Booting with win10 and High Sierra and CsmVideoDxe-64

    Black screen after bios screen, clover doesn't boot. Booted fine after install boot with USB installer ok. this z77x-up5 th was running 10.11.6 fine with win10 connected. bios pointing to the uefi mac ssd drive like before. why would windows 10 SSD drive sometimes block clover from booting? why...
  3. max9000

    nVidia 346.02.03f01 & os x 10.10.5 broken after sec update 2015-004 FIX

    Change the build number in the NVDAStartup.kext. set driver back to nvidia web driver and restart. in /S/L/E/ NVDAStartup.kext/Contents/info.plist (show package contents) <key>NVDARequiredOS</key> <string>14F27</string> change to <key>NVDARequiredOS</key> <string>14F1021</string>
  4. max9000

    Clover MBR Windows 7 Legacy boot?

    Clover won't boot Legacy MBR Windows 7 on some older boards I was wondering if Windows 7 should boot if installed bios-only "legacy" mode and install in the EFI partition? The guide shows for BIOS-only ESP is checked. But with those bios-only settings i cannot get windows 7 mbr to boot...
  5. max9000

    Clover MBR Windows 7 Legacy boot?

    I cannot for the life of me get Clover to boot windows 7 MBR install on second drive. This computer had chimera working, but to get the iMessage issue working I installed Clover. I installed following legacy install of clover on EFI part on the Mac 10.10.5 drive. OS X boots fine. But clover...
  6. max9000

    Clover efi BIOS boot - no bootable device solution

    If following the instructions in the link below for clover install and clover does not boot, i have a tip for you. If you get a black screen or no bootable device found error keep reading. This...
  7. max9000

    clover efi windows 7 install not shown for boot

    clover efi windows 7 not booting, no uuid found i have installed clover in the efi part that has os x 10.9 and windows 7 legacy install on the same ssd. now I installed on a new ssd windows 7 efi. windows install created the parts with efi, msr and windows. my motherboard is a uefi board. i...
  8. max9000

    Clover Strange Boot Fail after working

    Booting was working, but today in Clover after selecting the drive, won't boot. In Clover tried all the options by pressing space and and each option hung or gave an error. one error after loading devices said error allocation 0x17 pages at 0x00000000000ffc000 alloc type 2 and memoryBoot failed...
  9. max9000

    Clover and audio_cloverALC script install error

    [Solved] Clover and audio_cloverALC script install error i have a new install of clover v2.3_r3185 with 10.9.5 I am booting fine with everything working except audio. i have ALC898 audio. I mount the EFI partition. i double click the audio_cloverALC-100_v1.0.4d.command and the script errors...
  10. max9000

    gtx 660 ti with black border

    I have a black border on startup with the bios and the boot loader. this is just like when the resolution for the monitor and video card does not match. but my monitor is 1920x1080 and the video card has 1920x1080 vesa mode. when I first built the computer it had no border. but recently the...
  11. max9000

    sleep problem with mouse and keyboard on ga-z77x-up5 th

    i have an apple wired keyboard MB110LL/B and ms comfort mouse 4500 and logitech G500. both mice do the same thing. when waking the computer from sleep the mouse pointer glitches for about a minutes. the keyboard is dead. i have to unplug and re-plug the keyboard to get it to work. i have tried...
  12. max9000

    GA-77Z-UP5 TH gigabit ethernet problem

    ethernet works but not at gigabit speed. it did not work at gigabit at all until I set system preferences >> network >> advanced >> hardware tab >> config: manual and speed: 1000baseT then about 10 percent of the time it sets to gigabit. anyone else having this problem? anyone know how to fix...
  13. max9000

    hardware UUID the same

    i built two similar computers, both with ga-z77up5 th and 3770k cpu, same ram, different video cards. but both are showing the same hardware uuid. why? when I built two similar computers before and used chameleon it took care of the hardware uuid and they were different. is Chimera handling...
  14. max9000

    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH won't boot after multibeast 5.2 install

    created unibeast 10.8.2 usb installed on new GA-Z77X-UP5 TH build with ssd. started up with usb fine. installed multibeast with > dsdt free, without dsdt alc898, 3rd party sata, intel hnak's, trim for 10.8.1+, chimera, boot options generate cpu states, 1080p, restart and get to grey apple and...