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  1. dss862

    big sur open core .63 restart

    please help ... what cause my desktop with bigsur11.5 ... open core .63 installed .. restart after certain period of time... please help
  2. dss862

    big sur 11.3 all usb port not working

    after big sur 11.3 update today all usb port not working .. what is the solution please help?before 11.3 all working fine
  3. dss862

    Installation Stuck > acpi error pci0?

    what is the solution for this acpi error pci0? stuck at this error during installation
  4. dss862

    Drive is write locked>What is the solution?

    device is write locked what is the solution?
  5. dss862

    Dell 7472 catalina

    i had my dell 7472 working battery status , working trackpad showing in system preference with gestures ,, working sleep .all.working in mojave after updating to catalina .. it's . not working anymore...i used the same configuration, kext , apci patched in mojave...please help
  6. dss862

    mojave 10.14.4 update problem

    please help i cannot update tp 10.14.4 ... before it 's so easy to update to 10.14.1 to 10.14.3 . only has problem with 10.14.4 what is the solution...i got abnormal error code 1 cannot proceed with the update
  7. dss862

    Dell 7472 battery indicator

    Please help me bring back battery indicator and charging indicator macosx mojave
  8. dss862

    radeon Rx580 no audio display port

    how to enable the audio in the display port radeon Rx580 ...the Rx580 Dp audio is not available at sound preferences please help
  9. dss862

    radeon rx580 no display port audio

    how to enable the audio in the display port ...the audio is not available at sound preferences please help
  10. dss862

    high sierra 10.13.4 --usb flashdrive ony custom access

    after update to 10.13.4... i have problem with external usb flash drive,usb hdd.. cannot copy and paste files to these devices from any macosx documents ,downloads... the sharing and permissions in get info has only custom access .. no way to access the full write and read permisions ..please help
  11. dss862

    dell 7559 UHD

    rehabman can i update directly from 10.12.6 to 10.13? or if not i will make another usb installer 10.13 ..can i still use my old ddst/ssdt from 10.12.6 to 10.13
  12. dss862

    sierra crash

    i been using sierra for 3 weeks now suddenly the screen freeze then i reboot the sierra drive is nowhere be found at bios and clover boot screen.. this happened to me before when installing the sierra os this a bug in sierra os
  13. dss862

    Can't Install the nVidia Web Driver in 10.11.1

    please help since installation of 10.11.1 my hackintosh cannot boot the nvidia web driver no matter how many time i select it it's always reboot to osx driver please help
  14. dss862

    Dell e1405

    Please help me install 10.7 to Dell e1405 Core 2 duo t7200 Intel 945g express chipset Intel gma 950 graphics card Sat a