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  1. Vendetta

    Calling All Diablo III Players - Share Benchmarks/Experience

    Calling All Diablo III Players Share Benchmarks/Experience I know there have to be a good number of you out there playing this game. I've seen people in the Build Advice sections building computers specifically to run it, so there's got to be even more of you out there. There are a couple of...
  2. Vendetta

    Vendetta's G5 Build (In Progress)

    Hey guys, Alright, so here we go. Yeah yeah, I know, another G5 mod. :P Well, I think I'm approaching it in a slightly different way with my own touch/flare, and I hope you guys enjoy it all the same. Livestream: I'm just starting this thread real quick to get it going. I'll update it...
  3. Vendetta

    Question for H55M-USB3 Owners

    For those of you with this board, I would like to know if you have sleep working 100% of the time, as well as if there are 2 or 3 checkboxes in Energy Saver. Also, it might be helpful to mention which rev. of the board you have (1 or 2). I ask because 75% of the time sleep works fine for me...
  4. Vendetta

    Which Card reader to buy?

    Where's the processor and GPU? :) I think you should be okay with most of the card readers. I just have one of the Rosewill USB stick type of card readers that I plug in when I need it. It's this one, actually: ... -_-Product
  5. Vendetta

    SSD and Backup Help

    I know I've seen a few mentions of some backup around here, but I want to confirm a few things. In my system, I have a 64GB SSD that contains the OS, while I have a 500GB HDD that contains my home folder. Ideally, I would like to have the following happen: For a scheduled period (once a week...
  6. Vendetta

    Vendetta's Custom Build (Pic heavy)

    So, I recently put my hack together, and I put a lot of work/time into getting it just right. I took some pictures along the way, so I thought I'd share. Eventually, I should take a video to get the full effect. Anyways, on to the build... After doing quite a bit of research, I decided on...
  7. Vendetta

    Changing from verbose to Apple Boot Screen

    What are the steps to do this? I know I can remove the existing, and use multibeast to install a new one, but I'm unsure if I need to go through the whole process again, or just choose System Utilities and 64-bit Apple Boot Screen. Thanks for the help, I just don't want to...
  8. Vendetta

    9800GT DVI-HDMI and HDMI-HDMI issue

    I know I've seen people that have gotten these working, and I'm wondering what the solution is. I'm trying to hook into my 50" Samsung plasma.
  9. Vendetta

    Gigabyte UD2 - RAM 1600MHz issue

    First, I apologize for asking what I believe is a simple question to answer. I know that there has to be information out there as well, but I did search for awhile, but with no clear answer. I apologize if I missed the answer. My question is about running 1600MHz RAM on a UD2 board. I...
  10. Vendetta

    Mixing RAM

    Is mixing RAM a generally bad idea? It seems obvious that you wouldn't want to mix RAM with different speeds, timings, size, etc., but what if the only obvious difference is the voltage at which they run? These are the two I'm curious about mixing: ...
  11. Vendetta

    Optical Drive Annoyance

    Loving my Hack, a lot! However, one small annoyance I've encountered is that my optical drive seems to "click" (sorta like a half-assed attempt at a spool up) every 15 minutes or so. Any thoughts at what may be causing this? The drive was pretty highly rated, so either it's faulty, or there's...
  12. Vendetta

    Computer type being displayed inconsistently

    This is purely cosmetic, I know, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed/run into this and had recommendation for fixing it. The problem is that depending on where you look on my computer, it will display as an iMac and a Mac Pro. I believe the computer was initially recognized as...