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  1. fjf

    [SOLVED] network shutting down in asus z170 deluxe

    I have network problem. I am doing a backup to amazon drive with arq, uploading at 10-15MB/s, and after some time the ethernet connexion crashes (MAC OS says "not connected", with the red dot in ethernet) and I am forced to reboot. I upgraded the BIOS to the last version (1902), but it does not...
  2. fjf

    not booting automatically from the el capitan partition

    I must have done something wrong, because my build now starts by default at "internal" partition, instead of the "el capitan" partition, as usual. I have to select it manually, and it boots. Tried to replace the EFI folder from a backup with no effect. How do I get the "el capitan" partition...
  3. fjf

    Finally, a worthy Mac Pro-like case: the Evolv ATX A bit too big, but very nice!.
  4. fjf

    Yosemite on my core2duo

    Yosemite install stuck on my core2duo ...and I get black screen and CMOS reset when I try to boot the unibeast flashdrive. Please, help!.
  5. fjf

    Cannot change monitor!!

    My 22" 1650x1050 monitor died, and I just got a Dell 2550x1550 new one. But it only says "this monitor is incompatible with this resolution" and wont let me see nothing. Without being able to see, I cannot change the resolution and refresh rate (nvidia 8800GT connected through a DVI-HDMI...
  6. fjf

    Changing video cards: how?

    My monitor just died, and I am going to get a new 34" 21:9 panoramic monitor (there is a Dell U3415W that looks awesome). My old nvidia 8800GT is not enough, and I am planning on getting an Asus 960GTX strix. What's the procedure?. If I just switch the cards I'll get a black screen.
  7. fjf

    How to update lan driver?

    I am using a mobo with realtek 8110SC and using the apple rtl8169 ethernet driver, but I do not get gigabit speed (100M only). The version is old (1.1.4a5), and I tried to update to v.2 with the last mavericks multibeast, but it does not seem to work. Deleting the ionetworkingfamily.kext does...
  8. fjf

    Trying to clone SSD, but it does not boot...

    I am trying to clone a crucial M4 120GB SSD (with a working, booting mountain lion install) to a crucial M5 240GB SSD. I format it, I clone it with carbon copy cloner, and I install chimera (tried the versions 1.11.1 and 2.1.2). It does not boot, and I get the error on screen in the picture...
  9. fjf

    ALC888 in mountain lion not working

    I have to use an USB card because the inboard ALC888 (which worked fine in lion) does not work. I installed with last multibeast and custom DSDT, no mistakes made (I think). Any clues?. Mobo: Abit IP35 pro Graphics: nvidia 8800GT...
  10. fjf

    Compiling error

    When compiling a new dsdt for my abit ip35 pro mobo with ALC888, I get the unfixable error: Any ideas?.
  11. fjf

    Another kernel panic with Unibeast

    OK. Trying to install ML over a previous Lion Installation working fine. The usual commands PCIRootUID=0, GraphicsEnabler=No and -x all give the same kernel panic shown in the picture attached. Any ideas?. Thanks!
  12. fjf

    black screen at installer with nvidia 8800GT

    Trying to use the Xmove method, when booting from the installer partition I go from the grey screen to a black-no video mode. Already tried PCIRootUID=0 and GraphicsEnabler=yes, alone or both together, with no success. Any tips?. Thanks.
  13. fjf

    Long boot time from SSD; cause: storage 2.5TB HDD

    I just purchased a crucial m4 SSD 128GB, and when booting from it alone I get the system up in 20 seconds, quite an improvement from before (with a mechanical HDD). However, if I connect a second WD 2.5TB HDD for storage, the boot time goes up to 3.5 minutes, mostly reading the HDD. Dont know...
  14. fjf

    nvidia 8800gt

    Hi. I've got a Sparkle 8800GT 512MB, and I cannot get more than 1024x768 in lion. I already did the graphicenabler=yes, but it did nothing. Any hints? Thanks!