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  1. orfeas

    Your computer was restarted because of a problem

    The problem was solved. I posted a long explanation of how I fixed it, but it is no longer here. Strange. No need to respond. This is fixed now.
  2. orfeas

    Your computer was restarted because of a problem

    Hello all, I am running Mojave 10.14.6 on a Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 motherboard with 32GB of RAM and a Radeon RX 580 8GB graphics card. I am getting random reboots when I leave the system running for a while. When I look at the screen it will have rebooted and an error comes up letting me...
  3. orfeas

    Windows boot drive not showing up in Clover

    Hello all, I think I know the answer, but just need some confirmation before I do unnecessary work. I just transferred my Windows 10 system drive from my previous BIOS-based build (GA-X58A-UD3R) into my newer one (Aorus Gaming 5). When I start it up and get to the Clover screen, I do not see...
  4. orfeas

    [REPORT] issue with clover 4586 - MacOS 10.13.5

    Thank you ukulele01!! I updated Clover to 4972 (without realizing this issue) and my computer kept rebooting every time I would select my boot drive. After following your instructions, I am able to get back into Mac OS. I then ran the latest Multibeast and all is well again. Thank you!!
  5. orfeas

    BIOS complaining about overclocking parameter during HS install

    Hi all, This could be a hardware or software issue, so not sure where to post, but starting here. I have been using my X58A board with 10.8 for years now without any major issues. I am attempting to upgrade to High Sierra on a new target drive and am having a weird problem. I have downloaded...
  6. orfeas

    bootloaders and GPT/MBR partition questions

    Hello all, I have a dual boot system on a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R motherboard with 2 SSDs (OSX and Win10) using the Chameleon bootloader. I would like to perform a clean install of High Sierra on a third SSD but am running into obstacles. I couldn't get a complete High Sierra download from the app...
  7. orfeas

    dual boot questions

    Hello all, FIrst of all, I apologize if this is posted in the wrong area as I couldn't figure out where to put it, so let me know if I need to move this elsewhere. I set up my system as a dual-boot years ago (Mac OS 10.6 on one drive and Windows 7 on another) and have been using it without too...
  8. orfeas

    How long does a MacBook Pro usually last?

    I still use my 2006 Macbook Pro for live recordings! It was the first version of the Intel based MBP's so it is the Core Duo 2.0GHz (not Core 2 Duo), so it does not run the later 64bit version of OSX. Last year I replaced the MOBO because it had started to freeze when any sort of graphics...
  9. orfeas

    GA-X58A-UD3R rev2.0 onboard LAN not working as Gigabit

    This is too unreliable for me. It seemed to work one day, then the next it went back to 100T. I even disabled my onboard NIC and used a Netgear GA311 card, and oddly enough it was behaving the same way (100baseT connection only). I did a little research and found out that the cabling makes a...
  10. orfeas

    GA-X58A-UD3R rev2.0 onboard LAN not working as Gigabit

    Thanks BartMan01, That did the trick. I hope I don't have to do this often. I'll be transferring large media files back and forth to this machine (25 GB per recording session typically). How often is "once in a while"? Sounds like a hardware/firmware type problem, so maybe I just need to...
  11. orfeas

    GA-X58A-UD3R rev2.0 onboard LAN not working as Gigabit

    Hello all, First timer here. I have put together my first system using the X58A-UD3R rev2 mobo and must say that most everything is working nicely thanks to a lot of your hard work. The only issue I am having is with my onboard NIC which only seems to link at 100baseT instead of Gigabit...
  12. orfeas

    Please give input on my build meant for pro audio usage

    Hi gbevin, Just wondering if you put your system together yet and if you ran into any issues? I too am looking to build something for use with Pro Tools for post processing and mixing at home so I am curious to see what your results are like. Thanks