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  1. turk101

    Usb card reader Just bought yesterday. Works slick on catalina. Was fixing up a Hack for father in law that uses game cameras alot and the on board ones seem hard to do.
  2. turk101

    NVME hard drive and adapter on the ts140

    anyone been able to use a NVME hard drive and adapter on the ts140 and got it to boot? got a samsung 960 and adapter...cant get the computer to see it..
  3. turk101

    Mavericks on a lenovo Thinkserver TS 140

    Had only found 2 threads on this server. So started reading along and seen that Clover might work for me. So using Tony's Excellent guide on building a clover usb drive i started out on an adventure... Bought this server for $229 on sale at Amazon....with an I-3 intel cpu and 4 gig of ram...
  4. turk101

    Moutain lion on Dell optiplex 7010

    Moutain lion on Dell optiplex 7010-Works great Got this setup about a month bored...decided to make it a as followed.. 17-3770 cpu 8gg ram 500 gig hd used on board video(intel 4000)to install at first then put my nvidia gt240 in... had a copy of toni's...
  5. turk101

    broadcom bcm57780 on a dell vostro 430

    any way to get a netlink bcm57780 gigabit ethernet card going?....been looking and searching...not sure it is possible. thanks much for any help :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :banghead: