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  1. Dwors

    Couldn't install Bootloader/ High Sierra

    So I found a solution. I was using my MacBook to create the unibeast usb. I’m not sure why but after doing a clean install of High Sierra on my MacBook I was able to successfully create the usb. The only thing i can think of is that I had used Boot Camp on my laptop previously and maybe my boot...
  2. Dwors

    Couldn't install Bootloader/ High Sierra

    Thanks again for helping me through this. I went through the process Thank you again for helping me figure this out. I ran through the process again this time checking if the install download was mounted and it wasn’t in disk utility or the Force Quit List.
  3. Dwors

    Couldn't install Bootloader/ High Sierra

    I found a few other posts with this issue and they they didn't get any resolution either. I understand that "the destination disk cannot have the same name as any other mounted disk." Does the macOS download in my applications folder count as a "mounted disk"? If not then I don't understand...
  4. Dwors

    bootloader failure

    I'm having the same issue. Unibeast changes the name of my stick during the "copying file" phase. It changes the name to that of the the macOS in my applications folder "Install macOS High Sierra". Is this why we're getting the error? What can we do if so?
  5. Dwors

    Couldn't install Bootloader/ High Sierra

    Right. I’m not trying to install Mojave, I’m trying to install High Sierra.
  6. Dwors

    Couldn't install Bootloader/ High Sierra

    In the process of trying out different builds through multibeast (my GeForce 1050 wasn’t working), my hackintosh freezes on a black screen with an apple logo upon boot. My plan is to do a clean install. But now I can’t make a unibeast using my MacBook.
  7. Dwors

    Couldn't install Bootloader/ High Sierra

    I haven’t gotten past creating the UniBeast thumb drive. It’s stuck on “installing boot loader”. Also I’m not creating the USB using my hackintosh system. I’m using a separate MacBook.
  8. Dwors

    Couldn't install Bootloader/ High Sierra

    You're amazing and thank you for the fast response! So I'm not sure how to work around this. When I initially erase/format the usb drive I name it "u" then once unibeast starts it renames the drive to "install macos High Sierra" (the same name as the macos download) I tried renaming the...
  9. Dwors

    Couldn't install Bootloader/ High Sierra

    Hey all. I've been trying to sort this out for a couple months now (obviously not an expert hacker) I've gone through the troubleshooting and scoured the forums for similar issues. I've had stable builds running Yosemite, Mavericks, Sierra but High Sierra is giving me trouble. Is there a...
  10. Dwors

    Yosemite Freezing 10.10.3

    Hi all, sorry to post new thread about this. I wasn't able to find anything after Oct 2014. I've had Yosemite working fairly stably with only occasional freezing since it was released. I just did a system update last night to 10.10.3 and it's been freezing very frequently. If I put in a USB...
  11. Dwors

    New Yosemite install random freeze -where to start?

    Hi there, I'm having an identical issue. I did a system update last night to Yosemite 10.10.3. I experienced periodic freezing before but just now it froze immediately after opening streaming videos on youtube and Coursera. I tried opening as many apps as possible (not browsers) and it was...
  12. Dwors

    Yosemite Installed But Only Boots From USB

    Hi there. So did you have to edit this plist or did it happen automatically after upgrading chimera? What application are you using in that screen cap? I installed Yosemite but it freezes halfway through the Apple Logo. I appreciate any help. Thank you!
  13. Dwors

    Freezes at Apple logo screen

    Hi there, I'm having a very similar issue. I did a clean install of Yosemite and it's freezing halfway through the Apple Logo. Any help would be appreciated. I previously had Mavericks running perfectly until I tried this install last night. Thank you!
  14. Dwors

    Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth) cards for laptops with Mac OS / OS X

    Thank you so much for responding. Great suggestion I had never heard of DPCIManager. I found that my Wifi card is an Intel Corporation Pro/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan]. I attached a screenshot incase you need other identifiers. Also I think I'm having graphics (laggy visuals, seemingly slow load...
  15. Dwors

    Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth) cards for laptops with Mac OS / OS X

    Rehabman please help. I finally installed Mavericks onto my Lenovo Thinkpad t60p and can boot without unibeast USB. Now my Wifi card is no where to be found. It definitely worked when I had windows installed. Now I can't find the Wifi card listed anywhere (System pref/Network only shows...
  16. Dwors

    boot0 Error: The Official Guide

    Article: boot0 Error: The Official Guide Hey Bravo. Thanks for the video. I tried that command in a number of combinations and I keep getting "no such file or directory" Any suggestions?
  17. Dwors

    boot0 Error: The Official Guide

    Article: boot0 Error: The Official Guide Hi all, I'm trying to get Mavericks on my Lenovo Thinkpad t60p and I've run in to the boot0 error. I've tried numerous versions of the (dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/disk0s2) command however I keep getting a "no such directory" message or no...
  18. Dwors

    Troubleshooting iMessage Login Issues

    Article: Troubleshooting iMessage Login Issues Just fixed Imessage, appstore, and potentially icloud by changing my system definition in multibeast. I'm using Macbook Pro 8.1 Cheers and I hope the fix works for you. I'm downloading Mavericks from the app store and talking on imessage as we speak!
  19. Dwors

    Remove Clover OS X Boot

    Hi everyone, I accidentally installed Clover on my main boot SSD. Now whenever I boot my computer the clover boot menu comes up and my main SSD no longer boots. Just a black screen that says This version of Mac OSX is not compatible or something. And then a reason code. Please if anyone can help...
  20. Dwors

    Accidentally installed Clover on boot drive

    while following a guide on fixing the imessage login error I accidentally installed Clover onto my Boot SSD. Now everytime I boot I get the Clover boot menu and an error when trying to boot to my SSD. A black screen that says This verson of Mac OS X is unsupported. I hope I didn't ruin my...