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  1. yabusa

    macOS hard drive greyed out

    I had everything running well, I switched motherboards to a Designare and was working well. I'm not sure what happened, but my macOS hard drive doesn't show on boot. Only the windows hard drive. I tried making a macos installer usb and plugging it in to the pc to get to disk utility. I noticed...
  2. yabusa

    Problem Shutting Down and waking from sleep

    Hi there, I had a perfectly working Hackintosh with my GIGABYTE z370 HD3P motherboard. I switched to ASUS Prime A for thunderbolt 3 compatibility, and since then I haven't been able to shut down without holding down the power button. Attached is my config.plist. I tried darkwake=10, but still...
  3. yabusa

    MacOS won't shut down safely

    I keep having an issue after switching from a GIGABYTE z370 HD3P to an ASUS z390 Prime A. Booting is no problem, but when I try to shut down or restart, the screen always freezes. In windows it shuts down normally. I tried checking off "Shutdown Fix" in clover, but not change. Does anyone know...
  4. yabusa

    << Solved >> Boot just fine with one GPU, dual GPU gives error and doesn't boot

    Using an RX580 and a WX7100. When the WX1700 is disconnected from the motherboard I can boot, but crashes on shutdown. When I attached the other GPU it fails to boot with this verbose Anyone have any ideas? Or where I could look?
  5. yabusa

    Boot freezes

    Hi there. I had a gigabyte motherboard working perfectly, but needed thunderbolt 3, so upgraded to a z390 Asus prime a. Set optimized settings, then followed this guide and it won’t boot. When I do optimized settings alone, it boots, but always freezes on shut down. Image of verbose attached
  6. yabusa

    Acceleration of RX 580 and WX7100 dropped

    I have an RX 580 that was working perfectly OOB (Out Of Box), I needed some more juice for 3D CAD Design, so I bought an WX7100 as it was natively supported on macOS as well. The WX 7100 worked to boot into clover, but wouldn't boot successfully into macOS - screen would go black. So I found a...
  7. yabusa

    Going to black screen after clover boot (AMD Pro WX7100)

    Hi there, I have a RX580 as my gaming card which has everything working fine. I needed a more juice for 3d CAD Design, so I grabbed an AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 which is said by apple to be supported Here is my verbose script before going black: Any ideas to direct me where to start?
  8. yabusa

    [Solved] Trying to get Mojave original AppleHDA.kext from Pacifist

    Hey, I'm trying to follow the steps on toleda's guide to get my audio working, but in the steps it shows I need to original AppleHDA.kext. I downloaded the install file, used pacifist, but am unable to locate the actual .kext file. I only end up with an exec file :S EDIT: Reinstalled Mojave...
  9. yabusa

    Front USB ports keep disconnecting

    Hey there, 10.13.6 I've done the USB 3.0 fix a while back following: I only noticed while i was playing Rocket League on a controller and the controller kept disconnecting. I thought maybe the...
  10. yabusa

    [Solved] macOS keeps rebooting after trying to fix audio detection

    Hi there, I had my macOS working well except the audio, as I was attempting to fix that following the AppleHDA Guide, I must have done something wrong and my macOS just keeps restarting in the middle of booting. I've attached a picture of the verbose right before it restarts. What I've tried...
  11. yabusa

    ALC1220 failing to install with Multibeast

    I installed everything else with multibeast no problem, but the only thing not installing is the ALC1220. Using: macOS 10.13.5 MultiBeast 10.3.0 Coffee lake i7-8700k This is what's shown in the multibeast log: 06/14/18 10:27:26 - Mounting EFI 06/14/18 10:27:26 - Installing 'Drivers > Audio...
  12. yabusa

    High Sierra install reboots

    Hi there Mobo: Gigabyte Z370 HD3P CPU: i7-8700k GPU: EVGA GTX 780 SC I'm following this guide: My bios settings are as recommended BIOS: Save & Exit → Load Optimized Defaults BIOS →...
  13. yabusa

    Which would be more compatiable as a Hackintosh?

    Hey there, looking for some buying advice for a new rig. I don't have much experience with hackintosh's, so I'm looking for advice from people. I'll be starting off in engineering shortly, I'm learning programming with Xcode, will be using Logic Pro X, and I game. Here are the two options I've...
  14. yabusa

    Booting Windows 10 issue

    Rig: HP Z220 SFF Workstation CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1225 v2 I've successfully installed macOS High Sierra on an SSD and Windows 10 pro 64bit on a separate HDD, my only issue is booting into Windows from Clover. There are three options in my BIOS: IDE, AHCI, and RAID&AHCI. The only way I can...
  15. yabusa

    [Solved] Black screen after Clover -> install osx from USB

    Hey guys and gals, I've gotten up to the point where the pc boots off the USB and ends up at the clover screen to choose to install from install High Sierra. However, when I click it, the screen goes black and nothing happens. I tried waiting for a while thinking it may be still loading, nothing...
  16. yabusa

    Clover doesn't show macOS install

    Hi, I've made a boot USB drive with sierra using multibeast, i've taken a picture of the usb and contents. When I boot from the USB, clover opens up, however, no macOS install is visible. I posted a picture below. I need some help