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  1. AM0207xx

    Changing Display Preferences

    Maybe I can change something when I override the display EDID?
  2. AM0207xx

    Changing Display Preferences

    Hello Guys, does somebody know how I can transform this: into this? An answer would be nice:)
  3. AM0207xx

    Changing "About this Mac"

    Thank you, I will try it!
  4. AM0207xx

    Changing "About this Mac"

    Hello Guys, I want to change the "About this Mac" window and want to insert some more information. At the moment my CPU is defined just as "Intel Core i7", but I want to change it to the exact name. I searched for the right file ( AppleSystemInfo.strings ) and change the name of the CPU, but...
  5. AM0207xx

    Low Graphics Performance on mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3 (17D47)

    Hello Guys, the performance of my Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 is very low on mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3. I installed the Nvidia Web Driver ( downloaded the right one for 17D47 from this site ) and also installed the CUDA driver, downloaded from Nvidia´s website. Furthermore, I used Clover...
  6. AM0207xx

    [solved] Have problems to implement OS-X-Null-Ethernet

    I tried it and it worked... Thank you RehabMan!
  7. AM0207xx

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio [Guide]

    Thanks toleda, that worked. I looked in my the port I used was PCI-E x16 2.0, now I´m using 3.0
  8. AM0207xx

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio [Guide]

    My Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 is in the third PCI-E x16, because I have the Cryorig R1 Universal. It´s a big cooler and I want to have more free space between the GPU and the CPU cooler. So should I move the GPU to the first PCI-E x16 slot? An answer would be nice.
  9. AM0207xx

    USB will not boot

    Please fill in your hardware details completely as @BreBo wrote in post #2. You filled in your personal details for example that you´re using a Intel Core i3, but you didn´t name the exact product. Same goes for other information like the GPU. Adding the network or the audio chipset is often a...
  10. AM0207xx

    Upgrading New Hardware while using El Capitan

    I think I would make a clean install, I think this is a little bit easier, but backup your data first. EDIT: But please update your personal details and fill in your hardware to get better support.
  11. AM0207xx

    Help me, setup El capitan

    When you have a notebook "El Capitan Desktop Support" is the wrong thread, upload your problem again and post it in " El Capitan Laptop Support". Also when you post your problem there, upload some "Problem Reporting" files. Attach a photo of verbose mode and your Clover folder to the post as a...
  12. AM0207xx

    [solved] Have problems to implement OS-X-Null-Ethernet

    Hello guys, because my WIFI card is unsupported by mac OS and my ethernet does´t work properly, I need to use a WIFI dongle for now. At the moment I´m running OS X El Capitan on my computer and I use a Edimax WIFI dongle. I plan to upgrade to a supported card in the future that supports...
  13. AM0207xx

    Questions about common patches for Haswell Mainboard

    Hello Guys, I have some questions about patches ACPI files. I come from the notebook section, I already made mac OS on 3 notebooks working, but the desktop section is really new to me. To get things working on notebooks I need to implement ACPI files and patch them. I used @RehabMan guide to...
  14. AM0207xx

    AppleHDA HDMI Audio [Guide]

    Hi Toleda, I have some issues with my HDMI audio and I does´t get it working. I get my audio working using your AppleHDA Realtek Audio Guide. My Audio Chipset is Realtek ALC 1150 and I use a dedicated graphic card, the Nvidia Geforce 980. I also installed the Web Drivers for them. Normally I...
  15. AM0207xx

    Help - Machine Won't Boot After Attempted Upgrade to High Sierra

    PLease provide more information. Boot with the argument -v. Take a photo where the progress stops and attach it to this post. Also upload your Clover folder as ZIP, but delete the themes folder before compressing, otherwise the ZIP file is very large and it takes long to upload / download the file.
  16. AM0207xx

    Problem loading installer. gIOScreenLockState 3.

    Please upload your EFI from your bootable USB as zip and attach it to your post, but delete the themes folder before, otherwise the file is very large. Please name the settings you took in the BIOS. Also upload a picture from the verbose mode and attach it also to your post.
  17. AM0207xx

    Continuity and Handoff Capable Apple Mini Cards + PCIe and mini-PCIe Adapters

    Sorry for the stupid question,but when I buy an offer like this ( ), I only have the adapter for the Apple WIFI Card and I need to buy the BCM94360CD also, right? Because on the picture it looks like that there is a WIFI card inside.
  18. AM0207xx

    (solved)No Ethernet on OSX El Capitan

    Checked it in the BIOS, but it was activated. I unchecked it and checked it again, but nothing happens. I also try some tests with the driver, the LED is glowing so I think it isn´t damaged. EDIT: I created a boot.log before I disabled the LAN and after I re enabled it, it shows that the LAN...
  19. AM0207xx

    (solved)No Ethernet on OSX El Capitan

    Yes, I used the Multibeast version of El Capitan.
  20. AM0207xx

    (solved)No Ethernet on OSX El Capitan

    Hello guys, I installed OS X EL Capitan on my Haswell system today. I didn´t choose mac OS Sierra, because I can´t download it and with mac OS High Sierra I had some issues too, because my Macbook updated the system after I downloaded it from the Mac App Store. So I chose El Capitan, because...