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  1. zangiamit91

    Asus Vega 64 Strix Overheating

    My Vega 64 ASUS getting overheat and crashed in games or graphics working, I mostly use games in my Windows that place on other partition, and since I bought this card, I'm getting crashed after some time playing. I tried to update bios and AMD drivers, undervolt, change the thermal pads...
  2. zangiamit91

    Paragon on Windows broke my hfs mac HDD

    I don't know why and what happen in the last week, but I'm using hfs format HDD in windows and mac, and it was working correctly until this week. In windows, I can use the HDD regular with paragon hfs+ software, but in mac, the drive cannot mount and marked as broken, only read, but after few...
  3. zangiamit91

    GIGABYTE Z270-Gaming K3 + I7 7700 + GTX 1070 + Samsung 960 EVO

    hey all need help with the installation for High Sierra . did anyone can share the EFI folder for same machine ? i always stuch at the "no sign" error. made the bios setting by that thread -
  4. zangiamit91

    ASUS ux360u can install Sierra?

    Hey All i hvae ASUS ux360u and i want to install on him sierra. i saw the guide for the ASUS Zenbook UX310UAK is the same or i need something special? if i can to do that ......?
  5. zangiamit91

    1050 gtx and i7 7700

    i7 7700k gigabyte z270 hd3 16g ram and ssd cruciar. cant make the 1050 work properly . still have the 7m display in the "about this mac" window. i try to inject nvidia, also false inject nvidia, and web driver . don't luck, the display is still laggy and flashing . any help? ~~~~solvied~~~~~...
  6. zangiamit91

    gigabyte z270 and i7700k and sierra need guide and help

    i have system with - i7 7700k gigabyte z270 hd3 16g ram and ssd cruciar. im connect the monitor to the dvi port on the mobo i did multibeast to sierra and i succes to install the system, but i cant fix the graphics issue . i try many of the thread here about the kabylake and hd630 graphics...
  7. zangiamit91

    5.1 in sierra and optical out

    how I can hear 5.1 (Dolby digital/dts) from my machine? Spec- Gigabyte z68 ud3h 1.3 16 g ram 1333 Ssd kingstone Gigabyte Radeon 7850 I5 2400 Now I connect with optical cable to my receiver and I can hear audio fine . I also see that I'm going out from optical (digital out) in the audio...
  8. zangiamit91

    [Solved] cant acces to install sierra after clover (stuck on apple loading)

    i dont know what to do. im stuck. i try a couple of version of clover and clean install with unibeast but in the all times i stuck in the loading. after i choose boot from install sierra . i have gigabyte ud3h z68 with last UEFI bios that i set like that - In STEP 3: Recommended BIOS...