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  1. A.Tony

    Is there a way to use CPU and GPU for Blender or 3D Rendering in general? Vega 56 i7

    Hello, i currently have the problem, that Blender only renders on my CPU (i7 8700K). ai recently changed my SMBIOS to iMac Pro so that my Mac now supports the GPU, but the Problem now is, that Blender ony uses the GPU now for rendering. Is there a way to use both? Also for all Programs. My...
  2. A.Tony

    Whats the difference, between a built in Bluetooth and a Bluetooth Stick?

    I want to have Airdrop workin on my Hackintosh and once ordered a Fenvi Card as recommended here but it didnt work, now i was thinking about buying a stick, is that the same? or is it worse than a built in card somehow? Thanks in advance :)
  3. A.Tony

    How do i find out which Config.plist my system is using?

    When i created my hackintosh several months ago i did two efi folder for whatever reason. I see two folders when i mount my drive on Cloverconfigurator. Now i dont know which config.plist the right one is unfortunately, is there a safe way to check that?
  4. A.Tony

    How do i find out which SSDT my Hackintosh is using?

    When i did my Hackintosh several months ago i had multiple SSDT files and now i dont know which one is the right one, how can i find out which the correct one is? Thanks in advance :)
  5. A.Tony

    Hackintosh works perfectly but i havent chosen a SMBIOS. Which should i choose?

    I have the following setup: Asus Z390-A i7 8700K Asus Strix Vega 56 Samsung NVME M.2 Benq EW3270U My question is, my hackintosh works almost perfectly fine exept for the JPF preview issue. Now i realized i havent chosen a SMBIOS Device yet and need help choosing one so i can fix the JPG...
  6. A.Tony

    How can i see if my Hackintosh is using the full potential of my Graphics Card?

    I have the following setup: Asus Z390-A i7 8700K Asus Strix Vega 56 Samsung NVME M.2 BenQ Ew3270U My question is, how can i see if my Vega 56 is being used correctly or if is is being used at all? Is there any way to check it? Also is there any settings i should turn on for the Vega56? I heard...
  7. A.Tony

    << Solved >> Hackintosh won't shutdown and doesn't wake up from sleep.

    Hello guys, i have the following setup: i7 8700K Asus Z390-A Vega 56 Samsung NVME M.2 BenQ EW3270U My problem is when I want to shutdown my mackintosh it shuts down but the screen freezes and the mackintosh itself doesn't shutdown, it keeps running so I have to manually shut it down. The...
  8. A.Tony

    I have 2 EFI Folders. How do i find out which one my Hackintosh is using? And which PLIST my Hackintosh is using?

    Question is shown above. I really dont know why i have an EFI and and an EFI2 Folder when i mount my drive. Please help:(
  9. A.Tony

    Is it possible to swap out a Motherboard without problems after making a hackintosh?

    I just recently finished my Hackintosh with the following components: Asus Z390-A i7 870pK Strix Vega 56 16Gb Ram Samsung NVME M.2 Now i hate that my hackintosh doesnt have Wifi nor Bluetooth. Can i just swap out the motherboard for one with bluetooth and wifi? Because i m worried i will have...
  10. A.Tony

    Which hardware to buy for Wifi and Bluetooth on Mojave? Please see my build.

    Hey, my build is the following and i dont know which bluetooth/wifi hardware to add: Asus Z390-A i7 8700K Stix Vega 56 Samsung Evo 970 NVME M.2 Need bluetooth for wireless keyboard, mouse, Airpods and Airdrop Thanks in advance :)
  11. A.Tony

    Whats the difference between using Bluetooth via a PCIE Card vs USB Stick?

    I‘m in need of Wifi and Bluetooth on my Mojave Machine and was wondering which hardware i need and if it wasnt easiert to just use a Bluetooth USB Stick for Bluetooth. Or whats the benefit of using a PCIE Module with both on it? My Machine: Asus Z390-A Motherboard i7 8700K Strix Vega 56 OC...
  12. A.Tony

    Mojave Post Installation: Machine doesn boot without USB Drive.

    Hey, i just installed Mojave on my machine using this tutorial: I got to the desktop of mojave but when i shut down and reboot the machine without the usb drive (and even with it) it doesnt...
  13. A.Tony

    Mojave wont install. Does somebody know what this Verbose Mode says?

    Help i m trying to install Mojave. First i had an issue where the installation would freeze after it showed 2 minutes remaining and know i m stuck even before that. The loading bar doesnt even get to that point now. Does anyone know what the Verbose mode says? Hope somebody can help:( Even the...