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  1. Craigrox

    ASUS P8P67-LE Clover - can't boot from HDD after install (only UEFI USB)

    Hi everyone, I have successfully installed OS X Yosemite using the USB installer, which is recognised in the boot menu as UEFI. However I cannot successfully install the UEFI Clover boot loader to my HDD (Step 4...
  2. Craigrox

    Brightness/audio keys require function keys

    Hi everyone, I've freshly installed OS X Yosemite over my trusty ProBook 4340s using the Clover method, and I'm finding that to change the brightness or audio volume for the first two minutes after boot I can just use the actual key (F2, F3 etc.) without the use of Fn. However after then I need...
  3. Craigrox

    Possible 10.9.3 black screen fix from pikeralpha

    Hi, I am currently experiencing a black screen after updating to 10.9.3 with and without the new nVidia web drivers. Browsing pike's wordpress page there was a little bit of information on the subject: I'm...
  4. Craigrox

    Computer won't sleep properly (after previously waking up once)

    Hi guys - it's been a while! Quick summary: OS X Mavericks 10.9.0 Correct DSDT and SSDT with edits Used to sleep correctly all the time Will go to sleep properly first time after a boot up, however after waking up it will not sleep again This is a relatively new problem I'm facing, if I put...
  5. Craigrox

    Is GenericUSBXHCI compatible with ASMedia USB3.0?

    Hello! My Asus P8P67-LE board has the ASMedia USB 3.0 Controller and has been a long standing pain, however I have not yet tried the latest Universal USB 3.0 patch in Multibeast (I am currently running 10.9) - is it known to be compatible with this controller? Regards, Craig
  6. Craigrox

    GTX 550 Ti and OS X Mavericks (10.9)

    Hello all, I have a working installation of 10.9 on my system and apart having to use the freezefix application to fix the problem with fermi based cards, everything is pretty swell. However I have noticed that my graphics card is always around 60 degrees, I know this is in the safe region but...
  7. Craigrox

    Wake From Sleep

    I found that if I put my laptop to sleep and woke it up again with the power button, the screen would come on and flash blue - then refresh itself and be fine. By changing the BIOS option to wake the laptop from sleep when opening the lid, it now comes on straight away and is useable instantly...
  8. Craigrox

    Is anyone graduating from University this summer?

    I've just finished my third year and still got one more year until I graduate with my degree, just wanted to congratulate anyone finishing this year :D
  9. Craigrox

    EVGA Superclocked 660 or Superclocked 650 Ti Boost?

    Hello, I am looking at buying a new GPU, the price difference of the two is only £20. HWCompare lists the 660 at being much faster, however I believe the information provided is not in accordance with the superclocked 'boost' model of the 650 Ti. What are peoples opinions on these two cards...
  10. Craigrox

    [HELP] CMOS Reset on ProBook 4340s

    [SOLVED] CMOS Reset on ProBook 4340s Hello, I rarely shutdown/restart my laptop so I never really noticed this, however when I do and start the laptop back up again I am presented with this message: The CMOS checksum is invalid. The CMOS will be reset to the default configuration and will be...
  11. Craigrox

    [HELP] Processor block missing from DSDT, require CPUS=1 to boot

    Hello, I have installed 10.8.3 on an Acer X3990 (I believe), i5-2300 (4 cores, 4 threads) on an OEM motherboard with a GT 430 for graphics instead of the HD2000. The DSDT I have created works fine so far however I must boot with CPUS=1. When comparing this DSDT to others I noticed in Scope...
  12. Craigrox

    Enabling HD4000 VGA output? (Possible with HD3000)

    I know that standard Apple products do not provide VGA outputs, only HDMI and thunderbolt (but lets not concentrate on thunderbolt here). However I use my laptop frequently at University and the VGA port is free to plug in my screen - so i'm hoping to enable the VGA output, without disabling any...
  13. Craigrox

    [GUIDE] ProBook 4340s: Ivy-Bridge i3-3110M | C4Y15EA

    [Guide] ProBook 4340s Ivy-Bridge Installation Updated for 10.8.4 and ProBook Installer v6.1 Beta 14 The model of ProBook I have is Ivy-Bridge processor with a 7-series motherboard, i3-3110M 2.4 GHz on HM76 chipset. The exact specifications can be found at HP ProBook 4340s Notebook PC...
  14. Craigrox

    How to rename posted titles of threads?

    Hello, I have updated my User Build title to: Craig's Build: ASUS P8P67-LE | i5-2400 | GTX 550 Ti However the name of the thread still shows as Forum → The Build → User Builds →Craig's Build: ASUS P8P67-LE / i5-2400 / GTX 550 Ti / 10.7.4 Is there anyway to fix the title of the thread?
  15. Craigrox

    How to develop on a Jail broken device, for free!

    If you don't want to pay the $99 developers fee but want to test your app on a device there are ways to patch Xcode and your project. However these are frequently complicated and difficult to follow. I have just found and it's a very simple guide and you can test on your...
  16. Craigrox

    Help moving kext via single user mode

    I installed NullCPUPM and backed up AppleIntelCPUPM to a folder on my desktop, I've now flashed my bios so I don't have a KP without NullCPU. Thus booted into my installation, deleted NullCPUPM and restarted without the native AppleIntelCPUPM. So err, how do I put back this kext via single...
  17. Craigrox

    Does Asus motherboard FireWire port work with Lion?

    Hello, I'm running 10.7.4 and I am looking to make use of the IEEE 1394 ( FireWire ) header port on my motherboard, if I get the correct cable will this work natively as USB ports do? Sorry if this seems silly! Best wishes, Craig
  18. Craigrox

    Which of these 3 SSDs should I buy?

    Ebuyer seem have a good few deals on atm on SSDs and I'm looking to upgrade to ML anyway so the logical progression to upgrade my entire system is the SSD route atm! I have narrowed it down to three various SSDs from what I've read and heard, so I would like your opinions please! I'm...
  19. Craigrox

    [HELP] Apple Bluetooth board for Wake from Sleep

    The guide found on insanelymac for Installing Apple Bluetooth Module in your Hackintosh PDF guide found gives advice on which Apple branded board to get: If anyone has done the mod themselves...
  20. Craigrox

    [GUIDE] On-board Audio for ALC662 Mountain Lion 10.8.x

    [GUIDE] On-board Audio for ALC662 Mountain Lion 10.8. See end of page 2 for simple kext install for 10.8.2 Back up your current AppleHDA.kext! If something goes wrong make sure you have a way to get into your system and replace any kexts that have been damaged/replace DSDT. Patch AppleHDA...