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  1. djlild7hina

    ASUS X299 Monterey Support

    Introduction The X299 Monterey Support thread is meant for support/discussion of ASUS X299 motherboards running on OpenCore. Since most user builds are on ASUS motherboards, other manufacturer systems (Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, EVGA) may not receive as much support. Although this thread does not...
  2. djlild7hina

    Radeon Pro W5500 Kernel Panic issues

    I got my Radeon Pro W5500 on Friday and have been running into random green screens then it reboots with a kernel panic. The machine worked perfectly fine with a RX 580 previously so I’m assuming it’s related to the Navi kext. Using the MacPro7,1 SMBIOS it works OOB without WEG + agdpmod=pikera...
  3. djlild7hina

    X299 - Open Core support

    This thread is meant to be support/discussion for users that are experimenting/using OpenCore. Users that are using Clover please refer to the original X299 support thread. NOTE: This post will no longer be updated, please refer to new X299 Support thread and this post
  4. djlild7hina

    Asus X299 - Catalina Support

    Introduction This thread is a X299 Clover/OpenCore support for macOS Catalina. Although primary support going forward will be for OpenCore, this thread is also open to Clover users. It is a continuation of the excellent and well detailed guides from @kgp that he created for macOS High Sierra...