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  1. rohith

    Kernel Panic OC 0.6.9

    Hello Friends I need your kind help My Hackintosh 10th Gen i5 10600K, ga-b460m-ds3h-ac, 16 GB DDR4, WDBlack Nvme SSD 250 OSX Catalina 10.15.7 with latest security update latest bios working normally with UHD 630 but when i add a AMD RX 560 4GB Saphire Pulse (Baffin) card the system randomly...
  2. rohith

    Catalina restarts ....

    I download n fresh install Catalina in my Hack i7 6700 system all went fine a working. But the problem is the system restarted after about 30 minus of working.. the system have no problems when working in Mojave with latest supplemental updates...
  3. rohith

    Catalina Public Beta clean install ..minor issues

    Installed and running Catalina Public Beta on i5 7th gen with iGPU, graphics, etc., are OK. The installed software like VLC are not shown in Launchpad window, have to select through finder.. MultiBeast not running .... can't install message.
  4. rohith

    Asus AMD R9 270X problem in Mojave

    My system is : Core i5 7400 8 GB DDR4 Gigabyte ga-b150m-ds3h AMD R9270x GPU I cant get this card working with Mojave 10.14.1 .. Black screen, Card detecting with ATI inject shows 270X otherwise 370x , Showing correct memory amount. i used spoofing device id in fake id field all clover options...
  5. rohith

    [Solved] After Installation, Clover Boot Screen Doesn't Show Mojave Disk

    Hi! I downloaded and created the USB as directed in the guide. Installed my test HDD. Installation complete and boot through pendrive but this time there is no Mojave installed disk shows in Clover menu ..But when I booted through High Sierra disk there shows Mojave Disk but shows graphic error...
  6. rohith

    High Sierra Install Problem.... Need your help....

    System Board : GA-B150M- DS3H (ver.1) Bios Ver : F22a dated 07/04/2017 Processor : Core i5 6400 Graphics : HD 530. OS. Sierra last version running smoothly. I create my USB using this guid...
  7. rohith

    How can overcome this.....

    mac OS Could not be installed on your computer. Check mac hard ware with diagnostic tool restart.... With HD 530 GRAPHICS
  8. rohith

    Amd gpu

    HI friends I am looking for an NEW AMD GPU that wok natively in 10.11.3(OOB) only with one display. i am looking for AMD because FCPX perform better in AMD system
  9. rohith

    Clover proble with ssdt

    When i use my SSDT with Latest clover the Computer sleep slider in Energy Saver not showing. How can i solve this
  10. rohith

    Another OLD SCHOOL BUILD -Intel DG31PR - Q2C 6600 - HD 5600 OSX 10.9.3

    This is another OLD SCHOOL BUILD, i know this type of board and Processor (LGA 775) and Memory (DDR2 ) is outdated. Experiments with old builds are give pleasure. This post is based on TONY's UNIBEAST and MULTIBEAST method and OSX 10.9.3 Install OSX with...
  11. rohith

    SSDT For i7 477o

    I have my new rig i7 4770 + GA-Z87-D3HP Haswell Build do i realy need A SSDT for this
  12. rohith

    Graphics (IGPU and Dedicate) usage in FCPX 10.1

    FCPX 10.1 is released and so many improvements and new features, among that one is FCPX now able to utilise dual GPU's. Any body here check it with new hassewell integrated HD 4600 graphics with Dedicated AMD or Nvidia GPU's . Can we set both of this GPU's (IGPU and Dedicate) for FCPX and FCPX...
  13. rohith

    HD 4350 Users Can use it

    This is another old school training as i did with intel DP45SG now this is for Enabling ATI HD 4350 GPU both in Mountain Lion and Mavericks. I am using Asus ATI 4350 1 GB card . I am here attach the kexts. download and extract zip file which you want, before start backup the kext manually or use...
  14. rohith

    Mavericks On DP 45 SG +Q9550+HD 4670

    Yesterday I try to check Mavericks to install on my old Intel system and filed with unibeast "still waiting for root device". I installed it with my GA-P55A-Ud3L system with easy beast option selected and connect in to my Intel Q9550 system surprisingly it loaded into Desktop with full...
  15. rohith

    UNIBEAST 2.1.1 Problem with 1156 Boards (GA-P55A-UD3R in My case)

    Hi I am using GA-P55A-UD3R ver 2.0 Mobo with GTX 560 non TI and Using Mountain Lion Installed with UniBeast USB created with Unibeast 1.7.0 with Legacy Option enabled and working smoothly now I re- download My OSX's latest version (10.8.5) and create the installer with Unibeast 2.1.1 with...
  16. rohith

    UPDATE to IVY BRIDGE with GTX 560 Any problem

    Hi friends i am planing to update my system to newer one except my GPU. I am using GTX 560 (non TI). I am planing to change my mobo and processor to One with Gigabyte Z77 board and Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4Ghz. Any our member hear facing any installation problem with Z77 mobo+ GTX 560 (non TI) or...
  17. rohith

    GeForce GTX 650

    Does anybody here test GeForce GTX 650 with 10.8.2 and the performance with Fianl Cut ProX Please report your Result
  18. rohith

    GTX 560 (Non TI) USERS Come let us Discus Our Problems

    With 10.8.2 update My Asus GTX 560 card seems work more stable. No more openGL exception Error in console, The Happy thing is Final Cut Pro X starting utilising My Card for back ground rendering, Time line is smooth and fast befor
  19. rohith

    iCloud Problem

    How can i solve "Account Limit Reach" problem in iCloud. In Moutain Lion
  20. rohith

    Video Player Codec

    Dear friends and intellectuals, It is very sad to hear that the popular "SWISS ARMY KNIFE" Perian plug-in for QuickTime to be discontinued The popular Perian plug-in for extended media support will be discontinued, We have to find a better, power full but simple alternative for playing...