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  1. badix08

    MacPro 2009 clean as possible(update)

    Hi guys :wave:, I posted pictures of my Mac Pro 2009 in 2016, I tried to update my old post but unfortunately it is closed(link of old thread), so I posted another one, here it is with refreshed components and other pictures: - Msi H310M PRO-VD PLUS - i5 9400F - 16gigs of DDR4 2666 - Nvidia...
  2. badix08

    Motherboard laptop in macbook pro

    Hi guys, i'm wondering, has anyone tried to put a laptop motherboard or nuc pc or anything else in a case of a macbook pro unibody ?
  3. badix08

    MacPro 2009 clean as possible

    HI guys, here is my macpro 2009 hackintosh with an : - MSI B85M-G43 - Intel I3 4160 - 8 GB Ram - 2 x Nvidia GT610 I tried my best to keep it as clean as possible :wave:
  4. badix08

    2 Graphics Card

    Hi everyone, i'm running OSX Yosemite with an MSI R9 280X 3GB Gaming series and i'm wondering how to get my Intel 2500 working, when i activate it in BIOS, Mac OS won't boot, i think that i have to change my system to Mac Mini and not Mac Pro, so how to get the two graphics card working...
  5. badix08

    Mac Pro Case

    Hi every one :) , i'm looking for a mac pro case, if some one of you guys know where can i found a good one it will be great :thumbup: thanks a lot .
  6. badix08

    MSI R280X Gaming edition 3G

    HI every one :D , i bought a MSI R280X Gaming edition 3G, it works fine on OS X Yosemite but only with 2 monitors, i'm wondering if some one succeeded to get it work with 3 monitors, actually i'm using the 2 mini display port and the HDMI and Dvi doesn't working at all. Thanks for help. :thumbup: