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  1. rohith

    Kernel Panic OC 0.6.9

    still I facing KP
  2. rohith

    Kernel Panic OC 0.6.9

    Thanks let me check . The board is MAT supported -- 02:976 00:032 OCABC: MAT support is 1 Let me check
  3. rohith

    Kernel Panic OC 0.6.9

    Hello Friends I need your kind help My Hackintosh 10th Gen i5 10600K, ga-b460m-ds3h-ac, 16 GB DDR4, WDBlack Nvme SSD 250 OSX Catalina 10.15.7 with latest security update latest bios working normally with UHD 630 but when i add a AMD RX 560 4GB Saphire Pulse (Baffin) card the system randomly...
  4. rohith

    [Success] 11.0 Big Sur Public Beta Installation

    BigSur Breaks My BCM943225HM (4324A-BR) wifi there a possibility to work. it work great in Catalina Catalina
  5. rohith

    Catalina restarts ....

    I download n fresh install Catalina in my Hack i7 6700 system all went fine a working. But the problem is the system restarted after about 30 minus of working.. the system have no problems when working in Mojave with latest supplemental updates...
  6. rohith

    Catalina Public Beta clean install ..minor issues

    Installed and running Catalina Public Beta on i5 7th gen with iGPU, graphics, etc., are OK. The installed software like VLC are not shown in Launchpad window, have to select through finder.. MultiBeast not running .... can't install message.
  7. rohith

    Asus AMD R9 270X problem in Mojave

    My system is : Core i5 7400 8 GB DDR4 Gigabyte ga-b150m-ds3h AMD R9270x GPU I cant get this card working with Mojave 10.14.1 .. Black screen, Card detecting with ATI inject shows 270X otherwise 370x , Showing correct memory amount. i used spoofing device id in fake id field all clover options...
  8. rohith

    macOS 10.14.3 Update

    it is from 10.14.2 only support APFS drives
  9. rohith

    Radeon Compatibility Guide - ATI/AMD Graphics Cards

    What about Rx 560 GPU in Mojave with FCPX 10.4.3 .. any body here tested this one I am on 10.13.6 with these configuration
  10. rohith

    macOS Mojave To Be Released September 24, 2018

    haii i installed Mojave in my old Lenovo Thinkpad E431 sandy bridge lap i3 3110 now it working smoothly and in beta 9
  11. rohith

    Radeon RX 560 on 10.13.4 macOS High Sierra

    Any fix n permanent solution FCPX export and freeze problem with RX 560 4 GB.... latest 10.13.6
  12. rohith

    Graphics Test: Bruce X

    i7 4790 Gigabyte GA-H97-D3H I AMD Radeon RX 560X 4 GB 28 GB DDR3 1600 Seagate SSHD 1 TB OSX High Sierra 10.3.6 FCPX - 10.4.3 Result - without IGPU - 40 second - Apple Device 4K 36 Seconds- Apple Device full HD
  13. rohith

    Anybody manage to update to Public Beta 2?

    Yes Today I updated latest version trough App Store no problem testing
  14. rohith

    macOS Mojave Public Beta is Now Available

    no success .. installed using kext beast .....
  15. rohith

    [Help] iGPU/GPU preventing successful boot from clean install.

    YSS WITH Blank ig platform id, injection n lilu kext graphic works...i deleted all kext like intel graphic fixup lilu injectin platform id not tested in detail but works.... with vodoo latest i get front pannel but lost 3 port 5.1 with alc i get 3 port 5.1 but no front pannel
  16. rohith

    [Help] iGPU/GPU preventing successful boot from clean install.

    Hi friend I didn't use any injections or id platform id in clover .. but use lily kext with all best to sound get work.I didn't test graphics without lilu. because my audio will lose.
  17. rohith

    macOS Mojave Public Beta is Now Available

    Yess any way to activate ???
  18. rohith

    After Installation, Lost Audio

    toleda my audio is ALC 888b .. layout id is in 2 in clover but no audio
  19. rohith

    [Solved] After Installation, Clover Boot Screen Doesn't Show Mojave Disk

    it I s Yaaa it is ok now success fully logged in audio ALC 888b no audio device ....
  20. rohith

    [Solved] After Installation, Clover Boot Screen Doesn't Show Mojave Disk

    Hi! I downloaded and created the USB as directed in the guide. Installed my test HDD. Installation complete and boot through pendrive but this time there is no Mojave installed disk shows in Clover menu ..But when I booted through High Sierra disk there shows Mojave Disk but shows graphic error...