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  1. blob810

    Shutdown, Restart not Working after Clover Update >5122

    Hello, After upgrading from clover 5122 to 5127, shutdown and standby no longer work. I used OCQuirks before. My board also needs the EmuVariableUefi driver. When I go back to 5122 everything is fine again. Any idea why the shutdown stopped working. The Machine simple stucks on the blank...
  2. blob810

    Unexpected waking up from sleep

    Hello everybody, I have the problem that my Hackintosh unexpectedly wakes up from hibernation. As Wake Reason, the following is displayed: 00:18:17.449906+0200 localhost kernel[0]: (AppleACPIPlatform) AppleACPIPlatformPower Wake reason: XDCI CNVW 2019-08-10 00:18:17.449909+0200 localhost...
  3. blob810

    Asus Prime Z390-P Disable Power LED flashing while in Sleep

    Hello, I just upgraded my Motherboard from a Gigabyte to an Asus Prime Z390-P. I noticed when I put my Hackintosh to sleep that the power LED on my Case is flashing, like the old MacBooks. On the Gigabyte Motherboard the LED was completely off. How can I switch the Power LED off on the Asus...
  4. blob810

    Random Kernel Panics after longer Sleep

    Hello, i have a problem with my hackintosh. Everything is working fine except some random reboots after I wake my system from sleep. The last panic was yet, after a sleep session over night. Here is the report. I hope someone can help me. Anonymous UUID...
  5. blob810

    << Solved >> Enable Intel HD4600 and Gigabyte RX 580 working together

    Hello, I just purchased a new Gigabyte RX 580 graphics card for my Hackintosh. Before I used the integrated Intel HD4600 graphic. I use Lilu and Whatevergreen kext. Now I have installed the RX 580. The card is working without problems, but in the system profiler I can only see the RX 580 card...
  6. blob810

    [Solved] Waking from Sleep after a few minutes

    Hello Community, I´ve created a new build with a new Installation of Mac OS High Sierre. I followed all the guides on the fourm but now I have some problems with the Sleep Function. My problem is that my Machine is waking from sleep after a few minutes. The wake-reason is: PEG0 PEGP PEG1 PEGP...
  7. blob810

    Airdrop only working when searching for older Macs on the other device

    Hello, I need some help to configure my WLAN PCI-E Card "TP-Link TL-WN881ND correctly. My problem is that Airdrop is not working correctly. In the Finder the Airdrop menu is active but I cannot find my iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro. Only when I search from my MacBook Pro and click "search for...
  8. blob810

    Can´t enable HDMI audio with HD3000

    Hello guys, now i spended a lot of time to enable my hdmi audio, but it sill doesn´t work. maybe someone can help me to fix the problem. my board is a gigabyte h61n-usb-3 bios version f8. Attached you´ll find my edited dsdt.aml So Please help me.