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  1. zvaniel

    USB-C compatible dock

    Hey, I tried using a USB-C docking station designed for Dell (WD15 is the dock's model) on my HP ProBook 450 G5 hackintosh with Catalina 10.15.1. Hot plug was working well, but unfortunately, I was able to get only mirrored video out from the three video ports (VGA, HDMI, DP). My intention is to...
  2. zvaniel

    Optiplex 5050 with i3 6100, HD 530 won't turn monitors back on after idle

    I have a Dell Optiplex and I was able to make it boot with Mojave 10.14.3 by using some of the threads in here. After achieving acceleration with HD 530, fixing iMessage, and everything I need it to have work I cannot make my machine to wake up the monitors after idle. I have two monitors, which...
  3. zvaniel

    << Solved >> Dell Optiplex 5050 with i3 6100, no graphics acceleration

    I was able to install and configure Mojave 10.14.3 following one of the guides, iMessage, wifi, BT, sound works. However, I am not able to get any acceleration from intel HD 530. Whenever I enter anything (such as 0x19160000 or 0x19120000 or anything related) in Graphics>"ig-platform-id" I...
  4. zvaniel

    How to install Mac OSX Sierra on x99 tai-chi

    Hey guys. I have x99 AsRock tai-chi motherboard with i7 6800k cpu. It took me about a 3 months and series of drive image restorations to make it work. A fellow hackintosher with the same system as mine, could not make his to work (he couldn't get his system to start the installation media). I...
  5. zvaniel

    Multiple monitors in MAC

    Is there a way to unify my three monitors that I use on Sierra 10.12.4 in to a one virtual monitor with some retail software? I know Nvidia drivers in Mac can't offer customization I can have with windows like surround. I want to be able to have one window spanned in 3 monitors when I hit...
  6. zvaniel

    gtx 645 sierra 10.12.3

    I've installed gtx 645 OEM on sierra 10.12.3 hack, but I can get signal out of any display output (one analog and two digital). The only time that occurs is when I use nv_disable=1, but there's no point of having it like that. I've tried installing web-drivers, cuda drivers, injecting it, not...
  7. zvaniel

    GTX 645 and Mac OSX Sierra 10.12.3

    I cant find any information if this card will be usable with the 10.12.3. I know GTX 645 has UEFI bios, was released 4 years ago, and it is compatible out the box with previous updates, but does anybody knows if it will be compatible with the latest Sierra update even that is 4 years old?