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  1. Office18

    macOS black screen after boot

    When the PC boots, it completes Opencore Booting, completes macOS booting and then, when it gets to the desktop, the screen goes black (backlight is on) i used Screen share and macOS works normally is just on the laptop screen there is nothing the laptop screen works normally while in the BIOS...
  2. Office18

    Big Sur 11.1 Update Not Showing Up in System Preferences Software

    Is it weird for some people to not receive the macOS 11.1 update (Want to update from 11.0.1 (20B28))
  3. Office18

    Has Anyone Hackintoshed there ASUS X512FA-EJ1401T Laptop (With i5-10210U)?

    Hi, Has anyone Hackintoshed there ASUS X512FA-EJ1401T Laptop (With i5-10210U)? I have built a Hackintosh before but only a desktop one. I have some experience but was just wondering if anybody else had an attempt!
  4. Office18

    Help Needed on the BCM94360CS2 (Apple Branded One!)

    Hello, i am here asking for a solution that has been plaguing my HP-iMac. You see, i bought an Apple Branded BCM94360CS2 (The One i believe was in the 2017 Macbook Air). I also Bought a PCI to Apple Wireless Card Card. Everything Works, except BLUETOOTH. I mean the weird thing is that Continuity...
  5. Office18

    Planning to Build an AMD-In-Tosh

    Hello People! I am Planning to build an AMD Hackintosh as my Second Hack Build. I will also dual Booting Windows! Here are the Part i plan to use: This is a budget Build and i am only spending £576.64 (And Yes i am getting 2 SSDs for dual Booting!) Please give me any parts advice if you...